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May 18, 2000
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Here’s the speculation thread for a 6” Inquisitor Reva figure, she appears in the newly revealed Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer and should be a given for the The Black Series toyline.

Will you be purchasing her?

Via Etain:
Reva (Third Sister). Code-named "Santa Clara". Part of the Phase IV Wave 8 Assortment. Comes with D-Ring Lightsaber (double-bladed & two single-bladed) & soft-goods cape.

On shelf Spring 2023. MSRP is $24.99. Available for pre-order May 26th at 1pm ET at most major retailers.

Press Release

STAR WARS fans and collectors can imagine scenes from the STAR WARS galaxy with this premium THE BLACK SERIES 6-INCH REVA (THIRD SISTER) figure, inspired by the character in the STAR WARS: OBI-WAN KENOBI series. Fans and collectors can display this fully articulated figure featuring poseable head, arms, and legs, as well as premium deco, in their collection. This STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES figure comes with 3 entertainment-inspired accessory.

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Are these figures even rumored yet? Seems pretty odd to have threads for them.

Anyway, I could see this pegwarming if it’s made. The character is black, female, and has a Star Trek: TNG-esque costume design…
Wow...this character is a household name now, just from a teaser trailer? LOL! Her character might suck!!! Don't get too excited!
Some of you guys were the same when TBOBF trailer aired saying "this show's gonna rock! I hope they make that figure! blah blah blah"
Now everyone is bashing TBOBF, saying it sucked. It could happen to Obi-Wan too!
For me she's just too boring looking, same with almost all the Human characters they trot out. But that's just a me thing in wanting more Alien main characters.

I'm guessing they went this route because of the obvious reasons.
The Star Wars equivalent of "Michael Burnham"? Hair styling seems especially extravagant for a hunter/killer but I'll keep an open mind.
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It ultimately depends on how the figure comes out, but I'll probably buy her. I like Inquisitors, I like Sith, and I think having one of them be human is fine. The rest are at least aliens. While her design isn't super interesting, I do like her hairstyle and the bulkiness of her armor.
I really like the figures with more vivid expressions. This one really captures her haughtiness, Glover!Lando was pure swagger and Moff Gideon managed to be both. Figures like those seem so much more alive than the usual stoic-faced lot.
The figure on the left is part of the OWK Wed Announcement Banner, the one on the right was the one in the actual announcement. Same figure? Is one TVC and the other TBS? Not really sure. :unsure:

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I might be wrong, but do the TVC figure not have this "exit flame" at the start of the blade. So I guess the picture from the announcment is the TBS

EDIT : pics for TVC and Retro are up at YF
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Pre-Order Links

Skyward Fun Supply
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If I had known Target would have her for $22.99 I might have tried to preorder right when she went live. That's really surprising given that all the Targets around me are now charging $24.99 for Black Series (and Walmart is $24.97).
If I had known Target would have her for $22.99 I might have tried to preorder right when she went live. That's really surprising given that all the Targets around me are now charging $24.99 for Black Series (and Walmart is $24.97).
A $2 savings IMO isn't worth the hassle of having to deal with all the issues that come with Target pre-orders.
A comic shop in my area got a case of Reva, Obi Wan, Vader, and the Fifth Brother in yesterday. I didn't see the post until today and headed over. They sold out fast, but the owner told me that the case actually a blind order that was offered 6 months ago that was only being offered to comic shops/mom and pop stores. She also said if she'd have known it was going to basically just be an early shipment of new figures, they'd have ordered more, but out of a fear of pegwarmers, that wouldn't be smart.

Missed em by that much.