Indiana Jones figures


Oct 31, 2000
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I posted a list of what I and I'm sure many others here at the forums would like to see in a brand new line for the Indiana Jones Trilogy.

There is a demand for this line. Many action figure collectors are HUGE Indy fans and you've also got the fanbase of hardcore Indy fans. Basically you've got alot of fans and collectors of Indy who would give their right eye to see some new and improved Indy figs.

Please read my list of new products that could be made in this line. It's in Wuher's Cantina and I hope it interests you enough to the point of where you can suggest it to the top brass at Hasbro.

This isn't a Star Wars topic I know but I know you read this particular thread and I and many others would appreciate it if you could somehow get the big boys at Hasbro interested in this line which has the potential to be a BIG and I do mean BIG seller.

Thanks and keep up the GREAT work on the Star Wars line

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