QUESTION I know this is longer than a long shot....(cough-John Williams-cough)

Oct 7, 2008
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I would LOVE to get a photo of Maestro William's cameo in Rise of Skywalker signed, and have gone so far as to write a nice letter, print out a picture, buy return postage...but part of me thinks I shouldn't even bother. I know he pretty much doesn't sign at all TTM anymore, but I'd even be happy with a pre-signed card that I could put with the photo of his cameo. So I feel like I have to try, but then I feel like it would be for nothing.

So I guess my question is, has there been ANY luck with him at all? Pre-signed cards, anything? Or am I just basically throwing away a photo, a marker and lots of postage? Plus then there's the issue of which address. I've seen three, but it looks like his home address is a no go lately, and it sounds like when people send to his agency it gets returned from Boston? But then with the pandemic, is he even going to the symphony hall and with his age and all maybe he's not even touching the mail?