HUGE! Star Wars and other Toys for SALE ... take a look

Sep 22, 2002
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Im selling or trading practically 90% of my toy collection, or whatever I have left. All of the toys below have to go. Everything is either MOSC or MISB unless noted. My lose is your gain. I really want to sell these but will trade for Transformers figures or accessories or MOTU Mossman, Keldor, Evil-Lyn, Roboto, Rattlor, Kobra Khan or King Hiss. Some of the GI JOE stuff I have multiples of especially the army builders. Just ask me if you have any questions. Email me if youre interested and Ill let you know price and give pics if needed. I will be updating the list when needed. THESE REALLY HAVE TO GO. GIVE THEM ALL A NEW HOME! Thanks.

2002/2003 MOTU:

Mekaneck w/sticker x1
Mekaneck w/out sticker x1
Manatarms English Card
Ramman w/out sticker x2
Heman Trilingual Card Cross x1 and "H" x1
Prince Adam
Buzz-Off x2
Two-Bad w/video
Repaint Ramman
MOTU HotWheels: Phantastique (Skeletor) & Double Vision (ManAtArms)


Playskool Transformers Go-Bots …


Japanese PVC Figures … (boxes have been opened, never played with)

Chase Gold Victory Leo
Chase Fort Max Right Leg, Body
Chase Clear Black Zarak Body & Head, Right and Left Arms, Shield and Staff
Pewter Devastator
Pewter Hot Rod x/Matrix
Pewter Thundercracker
Clear Ironhide
Clear Ironhide
Clear Reideen
Clear Chromedome
Clear Chromedome
Clear Chromedome
Clear Sixshot
Clear Sixshot
Clear Soundwave
Clear Bumblebee & Spike
Color Sixshot
Color Soundwave
Color Ironhide
Color Reideen
Color Reideen

Mazinger (Mazinga) Toys (all from Japan):

Rare Bandai Boxed Model of Mazinga and his Hanger. Box is almost 2 ft. tall.
Mazinger Z Hard PVC Figure Collection 9” tall
Great Mazinger Hard PVC Figure Collection 9” tall

Gundam and Various Japanese Toys (all from Japan):

Gatchaman Figure Set
Super Robots Set of 6 (4” tall)
Kamen Rider Diecast Figure Set of 5 (2.5” tall)
Boxed SD Gundam Gelgoog (pvc/diecast) figure
Boxed SD Prototype Gundam RX-78-1 (pvc/diecast) figure
Boxed SD Gundam RX-78-2 (pvc/diecast) figure
Boxed SD Gundam Gouf MS-07 (pvc/diecast) figure
Boxed SD Gundam Z’GOK MSM-07 (pvc/diecast) figure
Boxed SD Gundam Char’s Z’GOK MSM-07S (pvc/diecast) figure
Boxed SD NU-Gundam w/pilot (removeable armor)
Boxed SD Raideen w/pilot (removeable armor)

Power Rangers:

Deluxe Red Lion Megazord (Wild Force)
Deluxe Star Samurai Megazord (Ninja Storm)

DC Pocket Super Heroes 2-Pack:

Silver Age Green Lantern vs. Sinestro
Silver Age Flash vs. Captain Cold
Golden Age Starman vs. The Shade
Silver Age Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah
Golden Age Dr. Mid-Nite vs. The Atom
Silver Age Firestorm vs. Red Tornado
Silver Age Aquaman vs. Black Manta
Martian Manhunter w/JLA Round Table

Lord Of The Rings:

Arwen Horse Rider Set w/Frodo
Eowyn with armor
Prologue Bilbo
Gandalf the white (ROTK)
12” Arwen doll in blurry photo box


GI JOE vs. COBRA Two-Packs …

Sgt. Stalker vs. Neo Viper Commander
Duke (brown) vs. Cobra Commander (black)
Heavy Duty vs. Cobra CLAWS
Snake Eyes (black, green, brown) vs. Storm Shadow (gray, brown, red)
Scarlet vs. Zartan
Snake Eyes vs. Cobra Commander
Dusty vs. Desert CLAWS
Frosbite vs. Neo-Viper
Wet-Suit vs. Cobra Moray
General Tomahawk vs. Headman
Sure Fire vs. Cobra Slice
Big Ben vs. Cobra Alley Viper
Blowtorch vs. Cobra Snow Serpent
Mirage vs. Cobra Viper

Wave 1:
Frosbite vs. Neo-Viper
Duke vs. Cobra Commander
Gung Ho vs. Destro
Wet-Suit vs. Cobra Moray
Heavy Duty vs. Cobra CLAWS

Vehicles …

Cobra Fang 3 w/Cobra CLAWS
Destro’s Dominator w/Destro
Assault Quad w/Gung Ho
Brawler w/Heavy Duty

GI JOE ARAH Vehicles …

Locust w/Wild Bill
AWE Striker w/Pathfinder

GI JOE TRU Exclusives …

2003 Conquest
2003 Rattler

GI JOE Convention Exclusive …

Coastal Unit Defense: Amphibious Transport (‘CUDA)

Macross II Lovers Again VCD 3 CD
vol. 1 – vol. 3

Captain Harlock VHS
Comes with box. Mint condition.

Star Wars:

Episode 1 Collection of 20 Lithographic Reproductions:
by Doug Chiang
Sealed in metal box to rival Amidala’s Starship
Please make an offer

12” Masterpiece Collection w/book:

Expanded Universe Vehicles

Cloud Car w/pilot .00 $5
Airspeeder w/pilot .00 $5
Speeder Bike w/pilot .01 $5

POTF Vehicles and Beast Packs

Landspeeder (orange box) $4
Dewback and Sandtrooper .01 $5
Tauntaun and Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear .00 $8
Jaba the Hutt and Han Solo .02 $5
Ronto and Jawa .00 $5
Speeder Bike w/Leia in Endor Gear .01 $5

Episode 1

Deluxe Darth Maul .00 $3
Watto w/datapad .00 $2
Darth Sidious .00 $2
Anakin Skywalker Tatooine w/backpack and grease gun .01 $2
Captain Panaka w/blaster rifle and pistol .00 $2
OOM-9 w/blaster and binoculars .00 $2
Boss Nass w/gungan staff .01 $2
Underwater Accessory Set $2
Nute Gunray .00 $2
Rune Haako .00 $2
Adi Gallia w/lightsaber .00 $2
Captain Tarpals w/electropole .01 $2
Ki-Adi-Mundi w/lightsaber .01 $2
Tatooine Accessory Set $2
Gungan catapult Accessory set $2
Commtech reader .01 $4
Build Your Own Podracer $5

Episode 1 Vehicles and Beast Packs

Trade Federation Droid Fighters .01 $5
Opee and Qui-Gon Jinn .01 $5
Sith Speeder w/Darth Maul .01 $8
Anakin’s Pod Racer (loose, comes with box, no figure) $3


Deluxe Crowd Control Stormtrooper .01 (orange card) $5
Bespin Leia and Han Solo .01 $2
Ewok Celebration Leia and Wicket .01 $2
Princess Leia and R2D2 .01 $2
TIE Fighter Gunner Station w/Darth Vader .00 $3
Lobot w/blaster pistol and transmitter (freeze frame) .00 $2
Bespin Luke w/lightsaber and blaster and detachable hand (freeze frame) .01 $2
Mon Mothma w/baton (freeze frame) .00 $2
Luke Skywalker w/T-16 skyhopper model (commtech) .00 $2
Chewbacca as Boushh’s Bounty w/bowcaster (freeze frame) .00 $2
Deluxe Probe Droid w/proton torpedo .02 $2
Bespin Han Solo w/heavy assault rifle and blaster pistol (freeze frame) .03 $2
Princess Leia Organa in ewok celebration outfit (freeze frame) .01 $2
Orrimaarko “Prune Face” w/blaster rifle .00 $2
Luke Skywalker in ceremonial outfit w/blaster pistol .01 $2
Princess Leia Organa w/blaster rifle & long barreled pistol (freeze frame) .00 $2
Greedo w/blaster (commtech) .00 $2


COMMTech Chip Reader x4 $2 ea.
Star Wars Simon Says $5
Puzz 3D Millenium Falcon (complete in box) $5

Austin Powers Mez-Itz Figures:

Austin and Fat ******* $3
Austin, Dr. Evil and Mini Me $3


hi 2 questions 1
Anakin Skywalker Tatooine w/backpack and grease gun .01 $2 what color is the back pack and 2 where in the package is the binoculars on the
OOM-9 w/blaster and binoculars .00 $2