Huge Modern Hasbro Collection And More For Sale In San Diego Area


Jan 31, 2005
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San Diego CA
I'm looking to sell off my massive hasbro collection. The bulk of it are carded figures from the 2002 saga line. There are also many carded figures from POTF-ROTS. Lots of loose ships and vehicles, incuding AT-AT, royal starship, AOTC arena playset, x-wings, ties, imperial shuttle, arc, to name a few. All are adult owned, complete and have boxes. Almost all of it has been in climate controlled storage for years. I also have lots of micro machines, master replicas mini sabers, GG mini busts. I have an almost complete set of the 2002-2004 saga figures carded. I have so much stuff it's overwhelming to try and sort through. I really want to sell bulk lots or all of it in one shot. It would be a lot of weight and cost for shipping so I'm coming here before craigslist or garage sale. I'm in San Diego if there's anyone in my area who is interested, drop me a PM. I'm looking for around 3 bucks per normal figure. I also have lots of comic con exclusive figures as I go every year. Special figures and packs are 5-10 bucks. Ships and playsets, I'm looking for reasonable prices, but low market value. For example, the shuttle for 25 bucks, x wings and ties, 10-15. I have great feedback here and on ebay.