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Jun 15, 2007
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I was trying to gauge interest in selling off almost my entire toy collection as one lot. The majority of it is modern Star Wars starting from Revenge of the Sith and going through the Clone Wars/Saga collection. There are a lot of store exclusives, convention exclusives, chase/HTF and variant figures in the mix. All the items in this list are new in package:
ManufacturerThemeSeriesToyNotesMarket PriceQuantity
Diamond SelectMarvel SelectSpider-man versus Doctor Octopus$80.001
DisneyTron LegacyHero PackToys'r'us Exclusive$30.001
DisneyTron LegacyLight Cycle: Kevin Flynn$10.001
HasbroCaptain AmericaThe First AvengerCrossbones$14.001
HasbroFantastic Four Rise of the Silver SurferSilver Surfer$12.002
HasbroG.I. Joe25th AnniversaryDestro$9.001
HasbroG.I. Joe25th AnniversaryIron Grenadier: Destro$10.001
HasbroG.I. Joe25th Anniversary**** Daddy DestroSDCC 2007 Exclusive$50.001
HasbroG.I. Joe25th AnniversarySerpentor$10.001
HasbroG.I. Joe25th AnniversaryZartan$16.001
HasbroG.I. JoePursuit Of CobraCobra Commander 1006$11.001
HasbroG.I. JoeRetaliationAlley Viper$8.001
HasbroG.I. JoeRetaliationCyber Ninja$12.001
HasbroG.I. JoeRetaliationData Viper$8.001
HasbroIron Man 2War Machine$15.001
HasbroIron Man 2War MachineBlue Arc Reactor variant$15.001
HasbroMarvelSuper Hero SquadHuman Torch & Silver Surfer$20.001
HasbroMarvelSuper Hero SquadSpider-man & Venom$11.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsAnnihilus SeriesUltimate Iron Man$25.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsBlob SeriesShe-Hulk$25.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsBlob SeriesThor$20.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsJubilee SeriesWolverineToys'r'us Exclusive$25.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsNemesis SeriesNovaWal-Mart Exclusive$20.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsNemesis SeriesTigraWal-Mart Exclusive$50.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsQueen Brood SeriesBlack Knight$30.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsRonan the Accuser SeriesDr. Doom$45.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsRonan the Accuser SeriesSilver Surfer$30.002
HasbroMarvel LegendsRonan the Accuser SeriesThe Thing$35.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsSilver AnniversaryWolverineToys'r'us Exclusive$15.002
HasbroMarvel LegendsSpider-manAgent VenomWalgreens Exclusive$30.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsBlack QueenToys'r'us Exclusive$20.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsDiamond Emma FrostToys'r'us Exclusive$12.002
HasbroMarvel LegendsShe-HulkSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$70.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsStan Lee Spider-manSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$150.001
HasbroMarvel LegendsThorSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$40.001
HasbroMarvel UniverseGreatest Battles Comic PackMr. Sinister and Gambit$30.002
HasbroMarvel UniverseGreatest Battles Comic PackThanos and Adam Warlock$50.002
HasbroMarvel UniverseSeries 1Red Hulk$15.001
HasbroMarvel UniverseSeries 2Colossus$10.001
HasbroMarvel UniverseSeries 2Juggernaut$10.001
HasbroMarvel UniverseSeries 2Thanos$20.001
HasbroMarvel UniverseSeries 2Thor$9.001
HasbroMarvel UniverseSeries 3Apocalypse$12.001
HasbroMarvel UniverseSeries 4 Hulk$15.001
HasbroMarvel UniverseSeries 4 Kraven the Hunter$20.001
HasbroSpider-man OriginsVenom$20.001
HasbroStar WarsCelebration IIIDarth Vader$15.001
HasbroStar WarsGalactic HeroesChewbacca & C3PO$8.001
HasbroStar WarsGalactic HeroesDarth Maul & Sith Speeder$15.001
HasbroStar WarsGalactic HeroesFigrin D'an & Hammerhead$10.001
HasbroStar WarsGalactic HeroesJabba's PalaceTarget Exclusive$60.001
HasbroStar WarsGalactic HeroesLuke Skywalker & Darth Vader$14.001
HasbroStar WarsGalactic HeroesObi-Wan Kenobi & Durge$10.001
HasbroStar WarsGalactic HeroesPrincess Leia & Han Solo$15.001
HasbroStar WarsGalactic HeroesWedge & TIE pilot$10.001
HasbroStar WarsMighty MuggsBoba Fett$15.001
HasbroStar WarsMighty MuggsDarth Vader$10.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithBarc Speeder with Barc Trooper$15.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithBattle Damage Anakin Skywalker$13.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithClone TrooperTarget Exclusive$12.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithClone Troopers Cup & Figure AssortmentTarget Exclusive$10.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithCommander Bacara$10.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithCommander Bly$16.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithCommander Gree$10.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithFiring Jet Backpack Clone Trooper$10.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithHan Solo Cup & Figure AssortmentTarget Exclusive$10.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithHolographic Yoda$5.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithRebuild Darth Vader$10.001
HasbroStar WarsRevenge of the SithUtapau Shadow TrooperTarget Exclusive$13.001
HasbroStar WarsSaga LegendsBespin Cloud Car$60.001
HasbroStar WarsSaga LegendsClone Commander$10.001
HasbroStar WarsSaga LegendsCovert Ops Clone Trooper$18.001
HasbroStar WarsSaga LegendsPit Droids$7.001
HasbroStar WarsSaga LegendsSandtrooper$8.001
HasbroStar WarsSaga LegendsShadow Stormtrooper$20.001
HasbroStar WarsSaga LegendsUtapau Shadow Trooper$18.001
HasbroStar WarsSpecial Edition 500th Figure Darth Vader$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionAirborne TrooperUltimate Galactic Hunt$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionAnakin Skywalker & Airborne TrooperTarget Exclusive$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionAnakin Skywalker 33$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionAnimated Debut: Boba Fett$12.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionBattle Damaged Vader$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionBattle Rancor$70.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionBetrayal on Felucia Battle Pack$65.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionBiggs Darklighter$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionCapture of Tantive IV Battle Pack$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Boba Fett$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Chewbacca$8.002
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Darth Vader$17.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Exclusive$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Han Solo$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Luke SkywalkerStar Wars Celebration IV Exclusive$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Obi-Wan & YodaSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept R2-D2 & C3POStar Wars Celebration IV Exclusive$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Rebel Trooper$6.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Snowtrooper$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Starkiller Hero$23.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionConcept Stormtrooper$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionCZ-4$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionDarktrooper$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionDarth Vader 16$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionDarth Vader's Sith Starfighter$35.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionEmporor Palpatine & Commander ThireTarget Exclusive$30.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionGalactic Marine$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionGalactic MarineUltimate Galactic Hunt$12.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionHan Solo with Torture Rack$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionImperial Evo Trooper$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionImperial Jump Trooper$12.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionImperial Stormtrooper 20$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionJawa & LIN droid$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionLuke Skywalker 12$8.002
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionMace Windu & Galactic MarineTarget Exclusive$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionMaris Brood$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionMustafar Lava Miner$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionObi Wan Kenobi & AT-RT DriverTarget Exclusive$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionPadme Amidala 56$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionPre-cyborg Grievous$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionR2-D2Ultimate Galactic Hunt$9.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionRebel Pilot: Biggs DarklighterUltimate Galactic Hunt$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionRevenge of the Sith #4 Comic Pack$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionRoron Corobb$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionShadow ScoutSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$30.002
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionStar Wars #1 Comic Pack$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionStar Wars #3 Comic Pack$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionStar Wars #4 Comic Pack$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionStar Wars Republic #55 Comic Pack$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionSuper Battledroid 08$5.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionTreachery on Saleucami$24.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Anniversary CollectionYoda & Kybuck$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsARF Trooper$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsCad Bane$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsCaptain RexMail away$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsClone Trooper Senate Exclusive$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsEmbo$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsHolographic General GrievousToys'r'us Exclusive$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsNahdar VebbMail away$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsRepublic Attack Dropship$35.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone WarsRepublic Gunship$165.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone Wars 2009Clone Trooper Denal$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone Wars 2010Cato Parasitti$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone Wars 2010Savage Opress$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Clone Wars 2012Plo Koon CW06$8.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionDark TrooperDroid Factory BG-J38$50.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionDarth Vader BD8$12.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionDewback with Imperial TrooperWal-Mart Exclusive$40.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionJabba's RancorTarget Exclusive$70.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionJacen SoloDroid Factory BG-J38$80.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionJaina SoloDroid Factory BG-J38$80.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionK'KruhkDroid Factory BG-J38$90.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionShaak TiDroid Factory BG-J38$70.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionSpacetrooperDroid Factory BG-J38$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionStormtrooper CommanderSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Legacy CollectionThe Force Unleashed Figure Pack 2 of 2Toys'r'us Exclusive$70.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga Collection501st StormtrooperSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$25.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga CollectionBattle Droids$9.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga CollectionC-3PO with Battle Droid head$5.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga CollectionChewbacca with electronic C-3PO$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga CollectionHolographic Clone Commander Cody$10.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga CollectionHolographic Clone Commander Cody$9.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga CollectionIG-88$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga CollectionImperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)$15.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Saga CollectionRogue 2 Snowspeeder$50.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Vintage CollectionAayla Secura$40.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Vintage CollectionAnakin Skywalker VC13$35.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Vintage CollectionAttack On Hoth Battle PackTarget Exclusive$80.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Vintage CollectionCloud Car Pilot$20.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Vintage CollectionGeneral Grievous VC17$40.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Vintage CollectionQuinlan Vos$12.001
HasbroStar WarsThe Vintage CollectionRocket-Firing Boba FettMail away$50.002
HasbroStar WarsTransformersAT-AT Driver AT-AT$25.001
HasbroStar WarsTransformersBoba Fett Slave 1$25.001
HasbroStar WarsTransformersClone Pilot Republic Gunship$25.001
HasbroStar WarsTransformersDarth Vader Sith Starfighter$20.002
HasbroStar WarsTransformersMillenium Falcon$45.001
HasbroThe Saga CollectionExpanded UniverseShadow Stormtrooper$15.001
HasbroTransformers2007 MovieBumblebee$22.001
HasbroTransformers2007 MovieRecon Barricade$15.001
HasbroTransformersAlternatorsOptimus Prime$30.001
HasbroTransformersAlternatorsRodimusSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$35.001
HasbroTransformersMasterpiece SkywarpWal-Mart Exclusive$120.001
HasbroTransformersRobots in DisguiseStarscream$30.001
HasbroTransformersTitanium SeriesMenasorSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive$30.001
HasbroX-men Origins: WolverineComic SeriesDeadpool$30.001
Lego Star WarsMicrofightersAT-AT$10.001
Lego Toy StoryWoody and Buzz to the Rescue$50.001
MattelDC SuperHeroesS3 Select SculptSteelChrome Variant$40.001
MattelDC UniverseWorld's Greatest Super HeroesWonder Woman$30.001
McFarlane ToysSpawnSeries 4 Cy-GorGold Variant$8.001
McFarlane ToysThe Adventures of SpawnCy-gor$10.001
MezcoPopeye The SailormanWimpy$35.001
NECATron20th Anniversary Collector's EditionFlynn's Light Cycle2477/5000$50.001
NECATron20th Anniversary Collector's EditionSark's Light Cycle51/5000$50.001
NECATron20th Anniversary Collector's EditionTron's Light Cycle2085/5000$50.001
Sideshow CollectiblesStar WarsLords of the SithHolographic Darth Sidious with Mechno-chairSideshow Exclusive$75.001
Toy BizMarvel LegendsModok SeriesThorbuster Iron Man$20.001
Toy BizMarvel LegendsMojo SeriesBaron Zemo$15.001
Toy BizMarvel LegendsMojo SeriesPsylocke$15.001
Toy BizMarvel LegendsSeries VIIIModern Armor Iron Man$30.001
Toy BizMarvel LegendsSeries VIIIUltimate Captain America$45.001
Toy BizThe Uncanny X-menSupersizeWolverine$60.001
Toy BizX-men: EvolutionWolverine$10.001
ToynamiRobotechMasterpiece CollectionScott Bernard VR-052F Cyclone Ride Armor$675.001
USPSStar Warsstamps$15.001

I have a few more things to add but the most interesting items are on there. I'd prefer a local buyer in Los Angeles as shipping all of this would be quite a task (but could be arranged). There are about 10 large plastic bins and a few smaller ones. Given fluctuations in pricing, the collection is about $6K give or take. Let me know if you'd be interested. I haven't even put any loose items in here yet, this is for the NIP stuff. I hope I posted this in the right place. Please check my forum feedback and ebay feedback under the ID famished. Again, this would be for the whole shebang. If I don't get an offer I consider decent, I will sell piecemeal. If you're interested in any particular items individually, PM me a list and I'll keep you in mind as Scummers have always been good to me. Also, I collect comics and if you have anything of interest I'd consider split value. For example, if you dropped a line and said, "I have an unrestored Incredible Hulk CGC graded 9.4 and $1000" I'd say, "Ok."
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Oct 12, 2008
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Since this is not all Modern Star Wars figures, then my guess is that it may be best to post it in the "CTR Classifieds" section of the Forums. Plus, the Rules do state that a price needs to be listed for each item being sold (individually). Hope you get the 6K you're looking for!