How many Chewbaccas do you have?

Apr 12, 2006
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Hey ppl, nice to see you again. Last week I asked this question in the POTF2 section, so I thought I may has well ask it again in the POTJ section too. As for me, I only have the 1 Chewbacca that can sit at the chess table & raise his arms above his head. I didn't like that mechanic Chewbacca because I didn't think it looked like Chewbacca so I never got it. I also never got that 25th Anniv Chewbacca & Han Solo pack, I remember wanting it at the time, I just didn't have the money, so I never got it. Now I'm glad I didn't because that Chewbacca sucks compared to the Chewbaccas that are out now. Anyway, I guess I have a total of 1 POTJ Chewbaccas. But enough about me, how many Chewbaccas do you have?

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