Houston Area Reports pt 2

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Apr 11, 2005
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Re: Holo Yoda Figures

Hey gang. This is the first time that I have every posted on any type of forum, so please be patient with me as I learn the ropes. I kept running into this same young couple ever since the Woodlands Midnight premiere, and they suggested that I check this out as a good source for finding rare figures. I never caught their name, but I last saw them at the Almeda Target this past Sunday. Let me know if it's you that I'm describing.

Anywho...regarding the holo Yoda straight out purchasing...both of the TRU in the Pasadena area allowed me to purchase the holo Yoda for 9.99...with no fuss. Unfortunately I think they are both out for now. A clerk stated that they might get more in the coming week though at the Baybrook store.
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