House Cleanin' - GG, Hasbro, Sideshow, etc.

Jan 18, 2004
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House Cleanin\' - GG, Hasbro, Sideshow, etc.

Well, sold a nice assortment of my extras/ lines I am leaving. But that leaves me with a few more items to sale. This is the 2nd and final price drop on these items. Prices do not include shipping, but buyer will only be charged actual shipping.

All items mint in box unless otherwise noted

AOTC "armless" Obi Wan mini bust - 50.00
AOTC "armless" Padawan Anakin mini bust - 60.00
Both for 105 plus shipping
Jedi Luke mini bust - 35.00
Convention Exclusive Spirit of Yoda mini bust - 45.00

ROTS Vader Statue - 95.00
Animated Yoda on Kybuck Maq. (#24 - still factory sealed)

Master Replicas F/X Lightsaber (choice of Jedi Luke or Master Yoda) - 75.00

Sideshow 12" Exc. Anakin Skywalker 60.00
Sideshow MIMB 12" George Washington - 30.00
Sideshow MIMB 12" Bayonets and Barbwire WWI US Marine -30.00
Sideshow MIMB Life of Brian Brian and Mandy set - 20.00 a piece or 32.00 for the set

Hasbro Clone Wars "Tiger Stripe" Gunship MIMB 60.00

Kotobukiya AOTC Obi-Wan - 45.00

Non-Star Wars:
Gentle Giant LOTR Balrog 45.00 (will also trade for a Ringwraith mini bust)

Also open to trades. I need the following:
Darth Malak mini bust
Dengar mini bust
Hot Toys Jack Sparrow
Hot Toys Elizabeth Swann
Hot Toys Predator 2
Hot Toys Rocky
Hot Toys Aliens Power Loader
Commander Gree mini bust
Moff Tarkin mini bust
GG LOTR Ringwraith mini bust
Series 2 of the Tomy Star Wars mini helmets

if interested, then LMK.