Mar 29, 2002
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All I have the following Hot Toys Marvel figures for sale.
All but one have never been opened and come in the original shipping box. I bought a lot of these in the beginning and now I have lost interest. Now I am selling the majority of my collection and I am starting with these. As I get more out of storage I may update the list. I have been on these forums for a long time, just inactive for the past few years as my collecting slowed down due to multiple reasons. I have a large collection of Star Wars mostly but also LOTR, Marvel, Disney and some other miscellaneous stuff.

Prices listed include shipping to continental US. I will not ship outside US. It is just too much of a hassle most of the time. Sorry. I might could ship to Canada if the buyer wants to pay for full shipping costs. I will pack well as I understand the needs of collector packing. All are sold as is, but they are all in MIMB condition. I have photos, but they are mostly just of the shipping box as I have not opened some even that much. But if you need pics I can get some to you.

I can take Venmo or Paypal. Just DM me for sales. I'm going to post here for a bit, but eventually move them to eBay. Would rather sell them here and not have the fees.

So here is the current list:

Iron Man 2 Mark IV MMS 123 (#900895) = $225

Iron Man 2 Mark VI MMS 132 (#901090) = $250

Iron Man Mark III Battle Damaged SSC Exclusive MMS110 (#9005511) = $325

Iron Man 2 Mark II Armor Unleashed Version SSC Exclusive MMS150 (#901375) = $275

Iron Man 2 War Machine MMS 120 (#900892) = $275

Iron Man Mark III MMS75 (2008) = $225

Iron Man Mark I MMS 80 (this one has been opened – but still MIB)= $400

I will get some photos up here later. But again not much more than boxes.

Thanks. MTFBWY