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I've talked with 3 celebs in person and they all confirmed that the autos I bought from them were fake.
I've talked with 3 celebs in person and they all confirmed that the autos I bought from them were fake.
Really? Please elaborate on this story. Fake autographs that you ordered or through their website after the show? Which actors? This show has been going for years so this would be major news of Autograph fraud.
The Hollywood Show?

Is the Hollywood Show website legit and if so has anyone ever bought from them? Thank you!
I will *never* deal with them again , the autographs I bought from them turned out to be fakes and I suspect he's in cahoots with Kevin Martin.
I know that things are happening behind the scenes so I'm reluctant to comment any miore on this.

Quote about Elkouby , now current owner of HCS :

Thieves. I entrusted them with some very rare autographed photos of the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There aren at least a dozen signatures on each including the principle actors and most of the Transylvanians, at least 4 of them have died since signing these.

Star World did a "private signing" with Tim Curry. We were able to drop off items we wanted signed, so I dropped off my stills and a poster along with a $300 in cash to have Tim Curry sign my items. Well, the stills got "lost" and "disappeared." The owner of Star World told me that the man he entrusted them to, "KEVIN MARTIN", arranged the signing with Curry. Martin was given the items. Martin claimed to the owner of Star World that they "went missing". Strangely, my poster didn't go missing.

I am the co-author of the book Rocky Horror - From Concept to Cult.

Incidentally the owner of Star World told me that KEVIN MARTIN is a huge Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. I'm not saying... I'm just saying.

So Star World says they don't have my stills. Kevin Martin told Star World the he doesn't have my stills. Who has autographed pictures? Some thief.
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Crap! I kinda figured that something was up, because they have autographs on their site from celebs who are signing at cons this year. And they are going for way cheaper than what the current asking price is.
collectstuff, You are a member here and to be honest your experience directly with them would be far more valuable than a Yelp review from an unknown 3rd party.
What items did you buy? What celebs called them fake?

All this "behind the scenes" stuff is absolutely useless...... and never ever gets the results desired.
Let us know exactly what happened to you when dealing with this company.
I've used The Hollywood show several times over the years. For the most part, been a good experience. All my graphs are legit.
they have this jennifer lawrence photo up on their ebay account. don't know if it's good or not . link: Link To Auction

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Justice is coming BIG TIME for Kevin Martin and David Elkouby

Facts :

-West/Newmars all un-insc even though both refused to sign at cons w/o , West done this since 2005

-'Robin' when Ward adds "Robin" or just Robin w/o marks

-Meriwether had burn marks after device used

-Pre order sent to Hollywood Show/Murrieta Ca but mailed from Silverado Nv , KM had a con there in nov/2011 , items mailed dec/2011....he had my items last

-KM has several times stolen peoples items : Rocky Horror collector lost 1000s , myself almost lost 2 items but i caught a Vegas man fencing them ebay , KM denies knowing this person but i dont buy it at all & last yr he stole customers items to cover his butt (source previous mentioned yelp review & Piece of Past bbb review)

-Elkouby in jail 2002 for theft (source L.A Times)

In cahoots with Piece of the Past : jackmsell FL (Robert Shaw in sharpie on Avalanche Express which did not come out until a yr after he died , what kind of clown does he have forging these ??) , colbystreet art antiques MI , onthecoast MA , mirob_8224 AR (aka autographetc ?) , Russo & Steele , Touch of Modern CA ,

liveauctioneers (fake Elvis/Jacko/Bowie , dated '17 when he died 2016......and even more disturbing underage nude of Brooke Shields. What are the chances the Queen album he sold just now is real ?)


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I edited out the irrelevant things customer wrote but here it is clear as day , bbb review POTP

When you study the Newmar/Meriwethers you notice its like they lack proper flow/too stiff/too neat


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A real Newmar from L.A con '16 , i met Batman 60s cast 2015-16 (world of difference this vs lack of flow fake)

Fake Newmar on a Meriwether shot pic #3 , #4 burn marks after forgery


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moviemusiccollect of CA sells fake Queen album , fake Sinatra.....all certed by POTP


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POTP website he sold : 007 Dalton (Dalton has not sgd 007 for yrs , refuses , even refuses to sign photos in general) , Electra nude (afaik she dislikes signing nudes and so does Pam) , 007 Connery (nope)

liveauctioneers : Wayne '76 (likely sec) , Heston (obvious sec.....so much for him being a reknown expert)
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Be very careful........

hes previously sold fake Prowse , JEJ

Prince totally stopped signing early 90s cept contracts.......

Second McQueen hes had up for grabs within a month , he pretty much refused to sign 1970 - 80
POTP straw seller jackmsell sold 007 autographs last xmas : fake Robert Shaw (he never finished movie , sharpie sig with no fading after 45 yrs & third its off vs real ones , of which I own 2) , fake Connery & Dalton doesnt even sign 007 items for yrs nor photos

Besides POTP certs these are also certed by german forger Bondcollectibles whos been selling junk on ebay since 2005

rareandsigned dot com in UK is POTPs supplier of fake sgd Queen albums ? (750$ when a real one worth 5 to 10k dollars , lol ??)
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Smile , you're on candid camera , you pos.......and here you say youre not linked to HS any longer , caught red handed lmao


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10:47.....this pos just dont learn , does he. Kobe sgd ball was confirmed fake , Jacko sgd photo by all accounts fake too. 2+2 = 4