Help needed with Jango Fett's view finder...

Feb 20, 2012
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Lincoln, UK
Last year when I moved, a lot of my collection went into storage for safe keeping..., when I moved again I was able to get my stuff back out of storage (the attic) & for the most part everything seems to be ok BUT Jango's view finder is another matter..., I'm assuming the heat has warped it some how as it's now twisted & basically bent. :(

I've tried heating it up with a hair dryer & bending it back so it's straight but this hasn't worked plus made things worse as the paint on the view finder cracked & some came off..., anyway firstly does anyone know of anyway I could try to unbend the view finder or alternatively, is there anyone that makes these sorts of things at all??? I've messaged Attakus about it but I doubt they'll be of much help really seeing as the statue was made over 9 years ago now. I could buy another statue I guess but other than the view finder, there's nothing wrong with the Jango I have. :)