Help getting rid of smoke smell from figures

Dec 9, 2007
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Houston, TX

I'm a long time lurker on these boards. I'm an opener, and I just bought a small ot of figures on eBay that upon arrival smell like smoke and are clearly from a smoking home. I have no recourse through eBay since the item description didn't say otherwise and accurately described the figures (aside from the smoke!!!), so I was wondering if any of y'all have ever had this problem and if you knew any way to get the smoke smell out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I'm going to always email eBayers beforehand now and ask if the item is from a smoke free home.

Dec 3, 2005
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Well, having the bad habit of smoking, though not in my house or around my stuff, I can relate to what you are saying, though I am a tad confused, plastic retaining smoke smell? cloth items for sure, but never seen it with plastics. Overall, if you get some thing that has some sort of tainted major funk going on you have two easy options.

1. Loose figures and vehicles can be gently wiped down with some clorox cleanup or other kitchen cleaning agent, clorox will also brighten the white a little in the process.

2. for carded items, or other bits, cloth and what not, goto home depot/lowes get one of those big rubbermaid tubs that seal for storing items in. Get a bag of ceader [censored], NOT moth [censored](the chemicals in some moth [censored] will accelerate the plastics oxidation in some cases, so no moth [censored]!), but fresh ceader [censored]. put the items in the rubebrmaid container, then put some ceader [censored] in there. close the lid and let it hang out in there for awhile. then they will be nice and woodsy smelling, Its also great to do for long term storage cause ceader [censored] drive away silverfish that would love to eat your cardbacks and other paper items in your collections.