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Oct 27, 2000
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Here's a list of TV tidbits I've taped over the years, I guess it wouldn't be appropriate to sell/buy on the forums, but what I figured I'd do was post a list of segemnts I have up for trade. I would like to trade for any segments I don't have that you may have (trying to extend my library). I also know it may be tough due to different formats/DVD players/VHS, etc. I could try to burn a CD or I guess tape to VHS. PM with requests, I guess I'll take it one request at a time, we'll have to figure something out, just figured I'd post for starters:

1997-1999 various clips:
various news clips on re-release of SW
QC SW Special
Fox SW trilogy SE special/Pizza Hut TV commercial
Oprah SW special (includes Pepsi SW commercial) missing first few min.
Sci-Fi SW special
MYV SW Special
More MTV/FX collectors show SW clip
Harrison Ford on Rosie O'Donnell (w/12" Han fig)
QVC SW/Sansweet special
VH1-ROTJ "laptinek music video/CBS SW special/Entertainment tonight EPI preview clip/various midnight madness clips/imperial march sport clip
KDKA/Fox EPI midnight madness clip/Letterman EPI clip/Friends "gold bikini" clip/SNL Jimmy Fallon clip
MSNBC Time & Again Lucas clip
Lucas PBS interview at Skywalker Ranch
Weird Al Saga continues video, also a live clip, video repeats
QVC 9/99 sansweet SW collection special
MTV Deual of fates video
MTV EPI premiere special at Skywalker ranch
WPXI Pgh. news clip EPI in mainstream
MTV EPI preview clip
comedy central movie review SW vs. Phantom menace
MTV 1999 movie awrd intro (Lisa Kudrow)
MTV 1999 movie awards presentation, Jackson and Lloyd
Dateline EPI bootlegging clip
FOX from SW to SW the story of ILM show
SW EPI nintendo podrace commercial
Taco Bell EPI poster commercial
MSNBC News EPI Time & Again
July 4, 1999 Downtown Pittsburgh fireworks done to SW theme music
CNN Summer movie season clip
EPI pepsi podrace commercial
SW/George Lucas Magic of Myth interview (cuts off at end)


QVC SW special
Weird Al Saga begins live
Peoples choice awards SW clip
The Oscars SW clip
Biography-Harrison Ford
Lifetime Achievement-Harrison Ford
QVC special X-Mas in July july 24-25, 2000
Carrie Fisher Primetime interview 12/21/00
QVC special
Lightsaber auction
EPI tidbit EPII
EPII teaser trailer
8/23/2000 Sci-Fi Exposure SW tribute
12/22/2000 Cinema secrets EPI
Oscars in memory (Alec Guiness)
Access Hollywood EP II sneak peek
2001 MTV movie awards Lucas presents award
1/1/2000 Rose Parade 3PO/R2 float
ET EPII/MIB summer sequel short clip
2002 Just shoot me Lucas episode clips
1/12/02 SNL EPII AOTC N'sync jedi parody
1/20/2002 E Golden Globes Ewan "revealed" interview
1/20/2002 Harrison Ford Golden Globe Achievement award
1/24/2002 ET EPII AOTC behind the scenes

AFI 100 Greatest movies ever SW #27 clip
SW movie clip Tommy Boy
Incurable Collector-Gus collection
Fox 53 AOTC Trailer Premiere preview
Access Hollywood AOTC trailer premiere
SW movie clip Indian in the Cupboard
PBS Magic of Myth SW clip
Fox sports Jimmy Kimmel R2 D2 picks of the week
TLC-Ultimate special effects EPI
Biogrpahy GL
ET Vanity Fair AOTC
MAD TV Randy Newman & Rob Zombie SW spoof

3/11/99 E Entertainment EPI world TV premiere Trailer
3/16/99 Entertainment tonight EPI trailer Lucas intro
3/28/99 CBS 60min. EPI behind the scenes Lucas interview
ET vanity Fair Natalie Portman review
FOX cartoon SW spoof clip
MTVDJ EPI figures clip
CNN SW Men Behind the Mask tour clip
EPI "One Love" trailer
CN special on scalping EPI tickets
Letterman/Leno waiting in line jokes
Leno comedy clip-Clinton as Vader in EPI line
A&E special MArk Hamill on SW
MSNBC Time & Again EPI/Lucas
WPXI clip-standing in line in Pittsburgh for EPI
Geeks in line commercial
Sci-Fi counting down to SW
CNN clip waiting in line for EPI
Fox special "blockbusters/SW"
SNL Jimmy Fallon SW song parodies
TLC special SW/Harrison Ford
South PArk clip-Cartman Ewoks
Oscars memorial-Alec Guiness
Simpsons clip-comic book guy/SW
CNN clip-interactive R2

OK, foregt it, this isn't even close to half of what I have so far and I'm tired of typing. If interested PM me. I'll take it on a step by step basis. I'd like to trade approx. minutes to approx. min. IE, I don't want to spend 3 weeks and 20 hrs. taping stuff for one 2 min. clip. This takes lots of time, I figure I probably have close to (if mot more than) about 50 hrs. of stuff taped) and always looking for more.

Thanks! :^)