HasLab TVC Mos Eisley Cantina Is Funded!


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Aug 21, 2021
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You'll never find a more wretched hive of Rebel Scum and villainy. As we first reported last month, the HasLAb VC Mos Eisley Cantina is a massive wishlist piece for tons of collectors out there. Fans can officially stop wishing, because the cantina (along with Wuher and the Tonnika Sisters) has passed the baseline number of backers needed to fully fund the project! Now is where things get interesting: just how many tiers can be successfully unlocked before time runs out?

As of this writing, the backer count sits at almost 9,400 with less than 2 days left to go. We're now heading to the final push where we can see the numbers grow wildly as the excitement builds after being fully funded. It's going to be a difficult climb to nearly double those numbers if the final tier is going to be unlocked. I'm guessing we'll get Nabrun Leids unlocked, but that final 17,000 backer milestone is going to be really difficult.

Just for review, here are the stretch goals we're looking at, having successfully funded the base project:

Tier #1
GREEDO Exclusive Star Wars: A New Hope VC Carded Figure
Includes: blaster, cup

A Rodian bounty hunter, Greedo is overzealous with a blaster -- and a pretty poor shot. This figure features a new sculpt for placement in your cantina scene.

Tier #2
NABRUN LEIDS Exclusive Star Wars: A New Hope VC Carded Figure
Includes: 2 blasters, cup, interchangeable hose

Nabrun Leids, a pilot and smuggler, joins TVC for the first time! He features an all-new sculpt with, of course, his four arms. In addition to a cup, this figure comes with two special interchangeable mask hoses (with one shaped in an S-curve so he can enjoy his beverage).

Tier #3
ARLEIL SCHOUS Exclusive Star Wars: A New Hope VC Carded Figure
Includes: blaster, cup

Another first for The Vintage Collection -- and for collectors! This Defel bar patron can be spotted in the background of Star Wars: A New Hope -- though fans will remember an additional shot of his from the original cut that was removed from the special edition.

Check out this new behind the scenes video from Hasbro showing the prototype being constructed for the promo images:

Don’t wait! You only have until 7/8/2024 to try to push this project to the next level. Help your fellow collectors cross the finish line strong!

What do you think about this HasLab project Rebel Scum?
Do you think all the tiers will be unlocked?
Any guesses as to what the final backer count will be?
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I’m glad it’s funded. I really wish Arleil Schous was one of the first two stretch tiers, but I’ve already got a custom head, I’ll just have to finish the custom figure.