Hasbro Selfie Series Review


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Aug 21, 2021
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Welcome back Rebelscum! Check out Bobby's review of his own figure! We just received Bobby's Selfie Series figure after visiting the Hasbro booth at SDCC. You can order your own Selfie Series figure using the Hasbro Pulse app, each figure is $59.99 plus tax and shipping. I think the biggest tip we can offer when performing your scan for these figures is to have really good lighting with no shadows.

What other character models would you like to see made available in the Selfie Series line? Jedi? Imperial Officer? Rebel Hoth Soldier? Let us know below!

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If they can come up with an easy solution to please everyone, regarding skin tones, then a Jedi body would be desired by many I think.
Imperial officers would be nice as well. They do wear gloves at times, so it's only the neck that would leave a little to be color adjusted.

Personally I would love to have a Scout Trooper version of myself, and as you mention: the Shore-trooper and the R1 tank driver.

I think one of the issues is the lack of glasses, big beards, and variation to body type. But I guess that would only be an option if this initial series is a big success. But I think people would be more willing to put out the money if they can have a "screen accurate" version of themselves and not just having to select from a few standard bodies. And speaking of... why can't we have the new stormtrooper body? this old one is really bad. Bent legs, hard to stand and pose well. And for any armored body please include the accompanying helmet, even though you probably don't want to put it on. It's just missing.

Most of the examples I have seen are not that impressive in regards to likeness, honestly. But I bet that will improve, depending on the success of the sub-line.

A mix between that custom Grand Admiral of yours and the Selfie-You would have been a smash-hit.
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I look forward to checking out the video. I was curious about this and curious about the real results.