Hasbro POTF2-VOTC, Army builders, TRU Exclusive, Ship, etc for sale

May 10, 2002
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Hey everyone, I need to make room in my Star Wars room, and I'm looking to sell a bunch of stuff.

I have photos here in a big gallery, but if you'd like individual photos of anything not pictured, let me know and I'll send or post em.

Prices are OBO + Actual Shipping cost. My zip code is 98052, feel free to price out the best option and I'll ship using your method of choice.

The less trips to the post office the better, so please buy a big box of things.
All items are probably openers, so if you're a super mint collector, please don't bother with my stuff. Nothing is destroyed, but I never cared much about about dings and dents in the box.

New for 9/10/16

Two POTF2 AT-ATs in their Hasbro brown mailer. The outer box isn't in great shape, but the two AT-ATs inside should be in decent condition. I'm a recovering army builder and these were a couple I never set up. 200 bucks for both would be great, but make me an offer and it can be yours.

POTF2 landspeeder, New in the box (2 available)
7 bucks each? Less? Make an offer and it's yours.

Click to make it BIG

OTC X-Wing 15

Loose Army builders!

4 Shock Troopers 15

10 White SA Revenge of the Sith Clones 35

VOTC Mail away packaging
I don't think I ever opened this up to mail it away, but I'm not 100% sure. If you want it to display it, it looks pretty good.
I will sell it for 5 dollars OBO....OR it's free with purchase of 20 bucks worth of stuff. Warning, it's big...so take that into account for your shipping.
Maybe buy it along with one of the big ships.

OTC TIE Fighters X2.
I used to be really into army building and had several of these opened hanging from my ceiling at one point or another. These are the ones I bought but never put on display. 2 of them are in boxes that are pretty decent but definitely shelf worn. One is a majorly dented opener. How does 15
bucks each sound? I'll go OBO on the prices... The deals are just crazy!

Non army building Figures:
5$ = one figure
10$ = three figures
15$ = five figures
20$ = six figures

POTF2 Red Carded Figures
Han Solo
Jedi Luke

C-3PO x2



Bespin Luke

Yoda Jedi Master

Clone Commanders

AOTC Yoda & Battle Droid Deluxe Set 10


Emperor Palpatine #12
Palpatine #35 Blue Saber
Palpatine #36 Red Saber
Anakin #2 Blue Saber & Dooku Red
Holo Yoda (TRU exclusive)
Silver R2-D2 (Silver anniversary TRU Exclusive)

Star Wars 500 Vader in his chamber 10

Carded VOTC 10 each?

Biker Scout

Don't like my prices? Make an offer. The more you buy, the better the price.
I have a ton of stuff I haven't listed yet, just digging it out of my Star Wars room now...so feel free to ask. If it was for sale between 1992-2008 I might have it.
I haven't used Rebelscum in forever, but I'd much rather sell here than Ebay...so hit me up!

Everything below in red is sold as of 9/9/16
OTC X-Wing 15
TRI Droid Fighter 15
5 loose Sandtroopers (OTC or VOTC I think?) 15 for all?

Tusken Raider
Jango Fett Final Battle
VOTC Boba Fett
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Aug 23, 2001
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I might be interested in Stormtroopers, droids and aliens... looking forward to seeing what all you post. No particular needs, but I like to have "extras" for customs, figures for the kids to play with, and whatnot...
May 10, 2002
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Updated with a bunch of stuff that sold, and I also added several Hasbro ships