FS Hasbro Loose and Carded 3.75” Figures for Sale (TAC/Legacy Collection/Vintage Collection)

Oct 4, 2004
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I’ve been thinning out my collection and have the following 3.75” figures for sale:

Loose Figures

Galen Marek from Star Wars Force Unleashed Evolutions set (masked version - Vader's Apprentice) - £11.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Starkiller (TAC) - £8.00 SOLD

Maris Brood (Force Unleashed) (TAC) - £13.00 SOLD

Concept Art Ki Adi Mundi (Legacy Collection) - £8.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Yoda & Obi Wan Kenobi (TAC) £10 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Chewbacca (TAC) £4.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Rebel Trooper (TAC) £4.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Han Solo (TAC) £5.00 SOLD

Concept Art General Grievous (TAC) £10.00 SOLD

Pre-Cyborg Grievous (TAC) £11.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art IG-88 (Legacy Collection) - £8.00 SOLD

Shaak Ti (Felucian Outcast) (Legacy Collection) - £22 SOLD

Proxy (Force Unleashed) - £12.00 SOLD

Kyle Katarn (Comic Pack) - £14.00 SOLD

Darth Phobos (from Force Unleashed Shadow of the Darkside Pack) - £20.00 SOLD

Carded Figure

Darth Vader (Vintage Collection 08) (unpunched card) £14.00. MOVED TO NEW VC CARDED LISTING

Prices are as stated above and do not include shipping.

All are in excellent condition, have only been displayed as part of a collection in a smoke/pet free home. All loose figures are complete, however, please note the TAC figures do not come with the coins.

I live in the UK, but will ship worldwide.

Please DM me if you have any queries.
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