FS Hasbro Loose and Carded 3.75” Figures for Sale (TAC/Legacy Collection/Vintage Collection)

Oct 4, 2004
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I’ve been thinning out my collection and have the following 3.75” figures for sale:

Loose Figures

Galen Marek from Star Wars Force Unleashed Evolutions set (masked version Vader's Apprentice) - £11.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Starkiller (TAC) - £8.00 SOLD

Maris Brood (Force Unleashed) (TAC) - £13.00 SOLD

Concept Art Ki Adi Mundi (Legacy Collection) - £8.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Yoda & Obi Wan Kenobi (TAC) £10 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Chewbacca (TAC) £4.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Rebel Trooper (TAC) £4.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art Han Solo (TAC) £5.00 SOLD

Concept Art General Grievous (TAC) £10.00 SOLD

Pre-Cyborg Grievous (TAC) £11.00 SOLD

McQuarrie Concept Art IG-88 (Legacy Collection) - £8.00 SOLD

Shaak Ti (Felucian Outcast) (Legacy Collection) - £22.00 SOLD

Proxy (Force Unleashed) - £12.00 SOLD

Kyle Katarn (Comic Pack) - £14.00 SOLD

Darth Phobos (from Force Unleashed Shadow of the Darkside Pack) - £20.00 SOLD

Carded Figure

Darth Vader (Vintage Collection 08) (unpunched card) £14.00.

Prices are as stated above and do not include shipping.

All are in excellent condition, have only been displayed as part of a collection in a smoke/pet free home. All loose figures are complete, however, please note the TAC figures do not come with the coins.

All are in good condition and have only been displayed as part of my collection since new. Please note, due to age, there is some minor wear and tear on the packaging, but nothing to noticeable/significant. All have been kept in a smoke/pet free home.

I live in the UK, but will ship worldwide.

Please DM me if you have any queries.
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