Hasbro Black Series Revan Reborn FX Lightsaber

Aug 13, 2015
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Just preordered this fantastic looking Lightsaber, and the option to switch from sithy red to jedaiish purple is pretty cool too! ( have already three the Pachstore RGB's, so i love the option to play with the colorways) and of course, Revan is my fav SW character, so hopefully the rumoured Kotor remake/remaster will be true with all these upcoming Revan releases...TBS Jedi Revan, Funko Revan and Malak and now this elegant saber?
Apr 11, 2005
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Pittsburgh, PA
I just received my Revan Elite ForceFX lightsaber directly from Hasbro PULSE.

I wish I was able to give a review... but mine came damaged.
The shipping and product box were pristine.... but for whatever reason, the electronics don't work.
It never lights up, and only makes a brief chirp when the ON/OFF switch is pressed.
I'm sending it back for replacement.

Its a saber you can remove the blade from. And it also includes a small 'Crystal' front piece which
can otherwise replace the whole blade (and also light-up itself). But since mine doesn't light up,
I couldn't see this work.

The metal frontward pointing 'prongs' are solid metal, and will stand up OK to standard combat-play.
But I have to say the rest of the thing is light as a feather. (i.e. NOT very much metal at all). The whole
thing feels kinda not worth 2x what other Hasbro sabers go for.

If they cant get me a replacement by Halloween (when ALL my 16+ lightsabers go out onto the lawn for the
kids to play with), I will have no regrets to simply cancel my order for this. I think Hasbro went a little too
cheap on the materials for this one.

-Clone Wolf