Hasbro 3.75"/1:18 TVC VC174 Chirrut Imwe | A.B.@.H's figure sharing

Jan 12, 2017
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Happy new year 2022! May the force be with ya'll!

Sharing my experience on Hasbro's Star Wars The Vintage Collection (TVC) 3.75" Chirrut Imwe figure. A bit faulty on mine but overall is a very pleasant experience.
The bowcaster is a bit lacking, but the ankle-rocker is really a much needed update to the line. Just be careful when you play around twisting the upper thigh joint
which connect to the pelvis, it needs to be at the right position to function well, that is to be able to do front kick - then move to - side split/side kick motion (~90 degrees) without much force and not springing back.

Anyway, thank you for watching~
You can check the timestamp for specific parts.