Hasbro 3.75"/1:18 TVC VC155 Knight of Ren + VC162 Sith Trooper | A.B.@.H's figure sharing

Jan 12, 2017
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Sharing my experience on Hasbro's TVC VC155 Knight of Ren + VC162 Sith Trooper.

The Sith Trooper has a good potential for army building, with that cool bright red look. I like some details on the body suit, but the blasters given (especially the repeater) are a paint to be held on both hands. I reckon it's because of how it's shaped on the palms (not sure whether it's only in my figures or across all the releases).

Knight of Ren looks great, with all the dirty looks. I love his long axe. But the long headpiece and especially the molded cape can be troublesome. Having said that it gives quite a presence in any display.