H:Lukes DSTR X-Wing, Blue3.75TBS,TVC ReeYees, HanCarb, OTC Sandcrawler W:Wedges XWing

Jun 3, 2005
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MY TRADE LIST (will also consider buying some of my needs/wants):


—Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing from Death Star Trench Run Set (100% Near Brand New—never played with nor ever displayed, in Perfect Working Order, always kept stored in box in cool/dry smoke-free/pet-free environment)

—OTC “Diamonds Preview Exclusive” Sandcrawler MIB (Box is still complete-w/all interior inserts, outside very slightly dinged a bit from moving a few times, but overall very nice)


—TVC VC136 Han Solo (Carbonite) 100% Straight Fresh from Jabba’s Palace Adventure Playset
—TVC VC137 Ree-Yees 100% Straight Fresh from Jabba’s Palace Adventure Playset
—TVC VC134 Princess Leia Organa (Boushh) MOMC 100% Case Fresh
—TVC VC143 Han Stormtrooper Target Exclusive MOMC 100% Case Fresh
—TVC VC153 Vizam MOMC (Straight from Jabba’s Skiff Guards 3-Pack)

—3.75 Black Series (blue) #07 Darth Vader Dagobah Test MOMC
—3.75 Black Series (blue) #09 Captain Rex MOMC x2
—3.75 Black Series (blue) #10 John “Dutch” Vander (Gold Squadron Pilot) MOMC
—3.75 Black Series (blue) #12 Clone Commander Wolffe MOMC x2
—3.75 Black Series (blue) #13 Clone Commander Doom MOMC x2
—3.75 Black Series (blue) #15 Commander Thorn MOMC x2
—3.75 Black Series (blue) #01 R5-G19 MOMC x2
—3.75 Black Series (orange) #14 Mara Jade Bubble came very loose, & has now completely slipped off the cardback, but everything is still 100% mint (other than the bubble & cardback are separate from one another, lol)
—3.75 Black Series (orange) #19 Mace Windu Realistic CW MOMC
—3.75 Black Series (orange) #23 Toryn Farr

—SOLO: Imperial 6-Pack MIMSB

—ROTS Target Exclusive Duel At Mustafar Obi-Wan Kenobi “Lava Reflection”

—Also have many Episode I, II, & IIV figures In Mint condition, Loose & Complete to sell. (I will put together a list soon, but feel free to ask in the meantime)

MY WANTS/NEEDS (will also buy):

—Wedge Antilles X-Wing (Preferably Complete & w/box, though all that is negotiable)

—I am interested in the cardbacks from VC138Elite Praetorean Guard, VC142Captain Pahasma, the re-released Gam Guard, and also the cards from the Photo-Real Luke,Han and Vader.
—I am also interested in MULTIPLE Various 2010-2012 Vintage Collection cardbacks(prefer bubbles cut off fairly cleanly). Need WAAAY too many to list, please let me know what you have & we’ll work something out

—Need The Boxes for the following 2 vehicles:
The Clone Wars Turbo Tank
The Clone Wars AT-TE
**The cardboard inserts(even just some part of them) would be nice
but just the box alone will do. Boxes don’t need to be in perfect condition, just needed to store the vehicle.

—1 of the long projectiles/missiles for the mini Trade Federation/Separatist Armored Scout Tank

—Grey Antenna from 2008 Trade Federation AAT (Blue/grey version, not the tan)
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Jun 3, 2005
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Added MANY new wants, especially 5poa figures that I need please feel free to PM me thanks!
Jun 3, 2005
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Many new haves added.
Narrowed down to only ONE SINGLE new want!