Great deal for Kiwis on making of SW book...

Oct 9, 2006
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Wellington, New Zealand
I scored an incredibly good deal on the uber cool hard cover edition of the Making of SW book and wanted to pass on the info to the rest of my Kiwi buddies.

NZ online bookstore Fishpond have the book listed for only $NZ33.00 + shipping. It has to be some kind of screw up on their site because they have the book listed for much lower than it should be (there is also an identical listing for the book at $80). I took a punt and ordered the cheaper one to see whether they would honour that price and hey presto- it arrived! If you want this book, it's hard to go past that great price. Mine arrived shipped to my door within three days for only $NZ38.00- an unbelievable deal.

This is a phenomenal book, full of new pictures and amazing stuff like 50 or so pages of original story boards and some great McQuarrie artwork. It only covers the first film and is written from interviews and transcripts from back in the 70s. There is no mention of the crumby special edition changes or any other retrospective mater. Seriously- this is an awesome book and a must-have in my opinion. It's huge too! I am so pleased with mine.

And no, I don't work for Fishpond.
In fact, I suspect it is only a matter if time before they fix that price- it has to be a mistake.