Got some Items for sale!

Jun 19, 2005
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I have some stuff for sale. All are loose complete unless noted otherwise.
ROTS: Mace Windu loose complete $3.00
ROTS: Emperor loose complete $3.00
ROTS: Darth Vader on op table. Missing cape.$4.00
ROTS: Chewbacca complete $3.00
ROTS: Cound Dooku missing saber $2.00

Transformers Energon: Optimus Prime-$15.00 Wing Saber-$10.00 Omega Supreme-$20.00 Kicker w/ Highwire-$5.00 energon saber-$3.00

Comics: Spiderman #1 silver bagged edition $4.00
Astonishing X-men 1-8 $12.00 for all 8

Marvel legends: Ultimate Cap, Silver Centurion Ironman, Beast boxset, Colossus, Wolverine unmasked boxset. Hulk Classics posaeble Hulk. all are loose. $3.00 a piece

7 loose Pewter Monoploy game pieces. These are from The 1997 monopoly set. I think thats the right year. They are all in great condition. $10.00 for the set

I also have about 500 aotc tcg cards. I do not know what all is in there. But if your looking for something in particular, pm me I'll go through all of them. Lots of rare cards.

I also have a used copy of GTA for the x box. $4.00

Hope to sell or trade these items thanks.
Sep 15, 2002
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I'd be interested in the Artoo Monopoly piece if you decide to sell them individually.