=Gindray Sor= Galactic Trader

Jul 28, 2005
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here's an update woth a couple of knuckle heads that i recently finished. i hope you enjoy them and as always feel free to leave any commetns suggestions and feedback as it is always appriciated!

=Gindray Sor=

Gindray is a small time business sentient who deals in just about anything he can get his hands on from Weapons, Rare stones and Antiquties, to Lavish garments and ocassionaly even Spice. He is well respected and in contrast to most his competition and his trade, very honest & an overall good sentient. Most recently Gindary has been aiding a small group of Anti-Imperial fighters, known as the GLM, supplying them with the latest in weapon upgrades and supplies. Though it's risk to his business and his very life, Gindray has built a great friendship with some of the GLM members and has even become interested in thier cause.