Jun 26, 2006
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Frisco, TX
Hello, here's a list of things I have for sale/trade. Wants are in the first post and Haves are in the following posts. All loose items are complete unless noted. Please check out my feedback in one of the below sigs. PM will be the best way to reach me as I don't always check in on my threads. Also, please feel free to PM me even if something's pending. You never know, things may work out in your favour.

Shipping for loose GI Joe, Star Wars, other 3.75" figures and other smaller items will be $3.75 for the first figure and $0.50 for each additional figure. The figures will be mailed in a padded envelope and the shipping charge includes delivery confirmation. Larger items will be shipped via boxed USPS Priority or First Class, depending on buyer's preference. If you are paying through PayPal, please send as a gift and PM separately with your address in order to avoid fees.


GI Joe

25th / ME / Resolute / ROC / POC / 30th / Retaliation / 50th / Retro

Carded / Sealed
25th W10 Clear Wraith (in star case) – $20

Loose and complete with full cardback or filecard and stand unless otherwise stated
25th DoCI BAT - $25
25th DoCI Range-Viper - $40
25th Small Vehicle CLAW - $20
25th Extreme Conditions Desert Cobra Officer (wrong webgear) - $18
25th Extreme Conditions Desert Crimson Guard - $18
25th Extreme Conditions Desert Explosives Specialist - $18
25th Senior Ranking Officers Ace - $7
25th Vehicle Driver Breaker (no pistols) - $7
25th Vehicle Driver Breaker (no pistols, filecard) - $5
25th Vehicle Driver Breaker (no pistols, filecard, stand) - $5

25th W9 BAT – SOLD
25th W10 Bazooka Trooper - $12
25th W10 Bazooka Trooper - $12
25th W10 Para-Viper - $12

Resolute Battle Pack Alley-Viper - $20
Resolute Battle Pack BAT - $30

ROC Battle Station Tele-Viper (no laptop) - $25
ROC Multi-pack MARS Officer - $10
ROC Multi-pack MARS Trooper - $7
ROC Multi-pack MARS Trooper - $7
ROC W1 Shipwreck - $10
ROC W3 Baroness - $12
ROC W3 Para-Viper – SOLD
ROC W5 Desert Viper (no sword) - $12

ROC Small Vehicle CLAW - $12
ROC Small Vehicle Flight Pod - $25
ROC Small Vehicle Driver Range-Viper (no filecard) - $25
ROC Small Vehicle Pilot Air-Viper Commando - $12
ROC Small Vehicle Pilot Volcano-Viper (no filecard) - $15
ROC Small Vehicle Pilot Volcano-Viper (no filecard) - $15
ROC Vehicle Pilot Swamp-Viper - $12
ROC Vehicle Pilot Swamp-Viper - $12

30th W1 Iron Grenadier - $20
30th W3 Cobra Trooper - $12 – PENDING
30th Vehicle Driver Crimson Horseman - $15
30th Slaugher's Marauders Low-Light - $15
30th Slaugher's Marauders Spirit - $15
Ret W1 Cobra Trooper (no parachute) - $12
Ret W2 Flint w/ Road Retaliator (missing missile) - $5
50th Destro - $20
50th SAW-Viper - $30
50th SAW-Viper - $30
Retro Scarlett (no crossbow, filecard) – will trade towards my wants

Vintage/New Sculpt GI Joe figures – no filecards or accessories unless stated
1998 Thunderwing (complete) – $12

Vintage GI Joe Vehicles / Vehicle Parts
None at the moment


Miscellaneous – shipping for these will be actual cost rather than what's been quoted above
G1 Black Seeker left fist (single tab) – $3
G1 Optimus Prime left fist – $5
G1 Micromasters Air Strike Patrol
G1 Micromasters Flattop (missing guns, back part of plane) – $10
G1 Micromasters Roughstuff (just the trailer) – $5
G1 Micromasters Hot House (complete and in great shape, no stickers) – $20
G1 Micromasters Anti-Aircraft Base cannons x 2, turret, missile launcher – $15
Power of the Primes Wreck Gar (sealed with shelfwear) – $15

KO Technobots – $5

Star Wars

Carded / Sealed (most have at least a bit of shelfwear)
TBS Mosep Binneed – $12
TVC Ree Yees – $15

SOTDS Luke Skywalker’s Snowspeeder (missing harpoon gun and harpoon) – $50

TAC Coins – CZ–4, Elis Helrot, M’iiyoom Onith, Rebel Honor Guard, Tycho Celchu, Umpass Stay, Episode V – $1 each
HK–50 right arm – $3


Updating soon


Assassin’s Creed New York Connor – $7

Marvel Universe
War Machine (IM2 #12) x 2 – $7 each

Random Dio Fodder – $10

Wants (all loose unless otherwise noted):

GI Joe

25th / ME / ROC / POC / 30th / Retaliation

Full Figure
Joe Club FSS 1.0 Tan Grunt
Joe Club FSS 5.0 General Flagg
Joe Club FSS 7.0 Ice Viper Officer

2007 25th Zartan - Stand
2008 25th Baroness - Stand
2008 25th Cobra Commander - Stand
2008 25th Diver - Backpack
2008 25th Doc - Flare gun
2008 25th HISS Commander - Stand
2008 25th Iron Grenadier - Stand
2008 25th Red Ninja Leader - Crossbow
2008 25th Red Star - Backpack
2008 25th Scarlett (Glenda) - Pistol
2008 25th Snake Eyes - Stand x 2
2008 25th Tiger Force Duke - Helmet
2009 25th BAT - Chestplate
2009 ROC Snake Eyes Trenchcoat – Pistol
2009 ROC Copperhead – Ammo belt
2010 POC Zartan - Rifle
2011 30th Bull/Taurus - Pistol
2011 POC Cobra Commander - Pistol
2011 POC Rock Viper - Pistol
2011 Resolute Duke - Knife, pistol, stand
2013 Dollar General GI Joe and Cobra stands
2013 Retaliation Dark Ninja - Tekagi x 2
2013 Retaliation Stands
2014 50th Ice Viper - Sais
2014 50th Lady Jaye - Machete, knives
2014 50th Leatherneck - Machine gun assembly
2014 Joecon Steel Brigade - Rifle
2015 50th Ace - Pistol
2015 50th Blowtorch - Stand
2015 50th Shipwreck - Rifle
2015 50th Sightline - Rifle
2016 50th Outback - Knife blades
2016 Joecon Freefall - Helmet, mask, rifle, knife, stand
2017 Club Big Lob - Pistol

25th/ME cardback for W1 Storm Shadow
ME cardback for W4 Cobra Commander
ME cardback for W4 Destro
ME cardback for W4 Duke

Vintage GI Joe Accessories / Body Parts / Vehicles / Vehicle Parts
1982/83 Snake–Eyes/Steeler uzi
1985 Zartan pistol
1988 Nullifier visor
1989 HEAT Viper shells x 2
1989 Windchill gun
1990 Stretcher microphone
1991 Big Ben bipod


1987 Computron both hands
1989 Micromaster Greasepit gas station sign
1989 Micromaster Countdown (just the Micromaster)
1990 Micromaster Construction Patrol Crumble, Groundpounder, Takedown
1990 Micromaster Race Track Patrol Barricade, Ground Hog, Roller Force
1990 Micromaster Cannon Transport ramp
1990 Micromaster Anti–Aircraft Base Blackout

2003 Universe Micromaster Combiner Rail Racer left hand
2003 Universe Micromaster Combiner Tankor, Rail Racer head and gun
2003 Universe Micromaster Combiner Superion right hand
2003 Universe Micromaster Combiner Ro-Tor (or just the rotor)

Generations Paperwork
Combiner Wars Legends Powerglide card and instructions
Combiner Wars Legends Shockwave instructions
Combiner Wars Deluxe Blast Off card
Combiner Wars Deluxe Brawl card
Combiner Wars Deluxe Swindle card
Titans Return Deluxe Misfire instructions
Titans Return Voyager Optimus Prime instructions

SCF/Heroes of Cybertron
ACT 4 Arcee & Daniel
ACT 8 Alpha Trion

Battle Changers Soundwave (will take the full Ratchet vs. Soundwave set if necessary)

Star Wars

Saga R1–G4
TLC Ecliptic Evader Hobbie Klivian


Set Wants

Minifig Wants


MASK Firecracker Hondo Maclean mask
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May 9, 2005
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Re: FS/FT: GI Joes

Right here money! 25th TRU Crimson Guard Officer set x 1 - $17 shipped loose pm me your paypal bro thanks!
Jun 26, 2006
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Frisco, TX
Re: FS/FT: GI Joes

8/4 bump, anyone need any of this stuff? I need money for my new house! I'm open to reasonable offers, but I'm going to give this another week before I put it up on eBay.