QUESTION Getting into production/screen props...

Nov 11, 2023
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United States
Hi friends and fellow Star Wars fans,

New poster and new into the collection side of things as well, so bear with me if my questions are quite basic or dumb. I am interested in either production made or screen used props (helmet or other armour, blaster, lightsaber would be my grails). I have canvassed the lay of the land somewhat and wanted to either confirm sources or learn about new avenues. My understanding is Prop Store, Hero Prop, Heritage Auctions, and Christies seem to be the best places to (occasionally) find these sorts of pieces. Is that correct, and are there others? Is there a place where private collectors discuss and exchange these things with some activity or basically just check those websites every so often? From my inexperienced googling, these sorts of pieces seem to be relatively rarely traded. And to dovetail into that, in very rough terms, what sorts of prices do things like weapons, armour command from either the 'new' trilogy or the television shows? I understand the vagueness of that question; I am pretty much as peace that I can't afford a saber or helmet from the older stuff, but I could swing, or at least fantasize more realistically, <15K USD. I can see some of the prices for some of these pieces, but given the general rarity of trade, these sales may be from years ago and if anyone had a general feel of things presently I'd appreciate. I have made a purchase which is not yet in hand which I am looking forward to!

Thanks for any help. I realise this particular sub-forum is not the most active but I figured I would try :).