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May 18, 2000
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I thought we'd start up a thread for people to post general thoughts or questions relating to the Hot Toys brand. If it doesn't fit into any existing thread please talk about it here.
Nov 24, 2003
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Looks like the Back to the Future Marty is out. Now we just need a Doc

Yup, just got mine this week. Amazing figure. My only gripe (and it's kind of a silly one) is that Hot Toys didn't give him Calvin Klein purple underwear. That would have been a hilarious "easter egg" joke for people to discover with this figure.

I hate that we have to wait until 2016 to get the Delorean to go with him. I really hope Hot Toys reveals a Doc Brown figure at SDCC this year. I'm betting it will be the 1985 version in the white radiation suit. My guess for accessories for him would be: yellow plutonium crate with removable plutonum cannisters, bulletproof vest under his suit, pistol to shoot Libyans, Delorean remote control, Marty's 1955 letter, Doc's suitcase, and of course Einstein with stopwatch. It would be nice if they threw in the yellow radition suit Marty wears too, but I bet they won't.

Also for others who got Marty, check out these auctions on Ebay. The first one is a set of "improvement decals" to add all the trademark brand names to the accessories, such as the camcorder, backpack, skateboard, and guitar. And most importantly the red Nike swoosh on Marty's shoes. I just bought a set myself to make my figure more accurate.

1 6 Hot Toys Back to The Future Marty McFly Improvement Decals Full Set | eBay

The other two links below it are for sets of 1/6 scale paperwork -- most importantly the photograph of Marty's disappearing siblings, which I'm surprised Hot Toys didn't include with the Marty figure.

Back to The Future 1 6 Scale Magazines and Documents for Hot Toys Marty McFly | eBay
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