G1 transformers trade for Vintage star wars figures up to 1985

Mar 3, 2013
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Sacramento, California
what i have to trade -

- G1 Cliffjumper - loose but with full original cardback (card has about a half inch scissor cut into it on bottom - it looks like someone started to cut out the tech specs and then decided to keep the whole card. card is nice aside from this. no bubble). this figure has "takara co ltd 1980-1944 japan" marking. PRE RUB. great shape.

- G1 Cliffjumper - yellow variant. loose. marked "takara co ltd 1980-1984 japan". this is in great condition also. PRE RUB.

- G1 Warpath - loose. nice shape. rub sticker is slightly peeled up on one corner. comes with full original cardback and detached original bubble. card has slight bends here and there but appealing to the eye.

- G1 Bumblebee - loose. red variant. very early release with only "takara japan" inside a circle marking. in great shape aside from slight cracking in tires(most of which is on front 2 tires and isnt too terrible). PRE RUB. comes with cut out tech spec (from original card as you can see variant red bumblee on opposite side of tech spec).

- G1 Bumblebee - loose. this one is something else ( i say that comically). in car form it would appear to be a yellow G1 very early release with only "takara japan" inside the circle marking, PRE RUB and in nice shape. once you pop the head out, you find a red cliffjumper head. my guess is this was someones home made attempt at making a bumblejumper, not knowing that bumblejumper is nothing like bumblebee or cliffjumper aside from being minibots. either that or i truely own the real deal bumblejumper hahahah JK! so what we have here is a nice early G1 bumblebee in need of a head transplant if you ask me.

- G1 Bumblebee - loose. red variant - this guy is the black sheep of the lot. he has a rub sign with "takara co ltd 1974-1983 japan hasbro 1980-1984". has rub sign. the negatives on this one are that the red has become darker than any other red bumblebee ive ever had..i guess its some product of aging. one tire is completely split and the other 3 arent that pretty.

- G1 Superion - all 5 planes. loose. (im the original owner of these, bought separately from good old toysrus back in its hayday!) - pretty nice shape considering i played with them as a child. missing 3 of the smaller planes guns. missing Left foot.

- G1 Megatron - loose. nice shape - pre rub takara only marking. comes with all pistol attachments and megatrons chrome gun and instructions. only missing extra small piece of paper showing how to apply scope/buttstock/silencer.

- G1 Trypticon - loose. almost complete(maybe missing 2 of the zillion extra pieces). original owner. this was always my prized piece since i got it for xmas as a child.


what im looking for -

MOC vintage star wars figures up to 1985. (including droids but only if r2, c3po, or fett)
i prefer vader, fett, skywalker but i do LOVE star wars so if you have something else - let me know. it cant hurt :)

going to ebay tomorrow!
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