Funstuf Web Shooter/Flying Fist/Shield Shooter

Aug 15, 2003
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At long last I have got a full set of these. My email account has no idea when I got my first one, but at a rough guess, Hulk in 2000, Spidey probably only a year or two later, then finally Cap last year.

Then I had to wait for my new house, cabinets in the home office, and custom cases from AFA before I could grace these pages with them.

From 1957/1976, these USA made masterpieces of children's entertainment strapped to your wrist with velcro, and fired a dart that may or may not have been attached to a string. I believe some came with a little piece of vinyl with an printed image that you could attach to the dart, too.

Obviously based on Spider-Man's web-shooters, but I guess they had to make money, and we got Hulk's Flying Fist, and Captain America's Shield Shooter, too.

I can't remember if we got Hulk and Cap in the UK, but I definitely had Spidey as a kid. Collecting them now is a bit up and down. Hulk is very easy to get carded, Spidey less easy, but still possible (I've had two, upgraded and now the other one is with my brother). Cap is rare. I've only seen two on eBay in 20+ years, the first was expensive so I missed it, the second was expensive but I said to myself I'll never get the full set if I don't buy it. Condition on my Shield Shooter is questionable LOL. I'll keep that saved search on eBay.

There are variants - colours of all the bits and pieces of plastic and printing seem somewhat random (I've seen photos of the Web Shooter with 2 colour printing on the strap "medallion", too), so completionists would probably have to buy every single one that popped up.

Funstuf also made some other Marvel toy merchandise in the 70s/80s (catalog from 1980 - the penjector makes me think they also made the Marvel torches/flashlights around the same time as the wrist shooters, but I can't find anything on t'internet).

Anyway, enjoy the photos!




p.s. here's some small amount more detail about them:


Jan 2, 2015
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I remember seeing comic book ads for them. They look great!