FT(only):GRAIL '83 Jim Henson Dark Crystal UNPRODUCED Moc PROTOTYPE Jen - for UZAY/ POLISH

Oct 24, 2003
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some people may know that one of my finest pieces is a Jen Figure from the cancelled Aviva/ Hasbro Line.

There are 3 carded examples known to exist with one missing the crystal piece. No loose examples are known. So this is one of 2 complete MOC examples and this very one was featured in Lee's Toy Digest.
Its insanely rare and beautiful and with a potential sequel (and re-issue that is being rumoured) definately a valuable museum-quality piece. It comes with a COA by Hake's were it auctioned ages ago. The COA is also signed by Tom Tombush himself who obviously owned the figure before it sold.

Dont get me wrong, I am NOT selling this, nor am I bored of it- I love it and will be happy to keep it forever. But I also have an unhealthy passion for Rare Bootlegs especially UZAY. Also its no secret that the best pieces are under the radar and many collectors would rather appreciate a nice trade bait other than boring cash :) So if you have good conditioned and/ or rare MOC UZAY items and this prototype is your cup of tea- drop me a line and at least we can talk.

These would be things that which may convince me to part with him:

  1. UZAY Moc
  2. Any Polish 1st generation MOC
  3. DROIDS/ EWOKS UDE Prototypes
  4. Rare foreign MOC Fetts (Meccano, Trilogo, Hungarian, German, Lili Ledy, etc.)
  5. SW MOC Boba Fett mint, AFA-graded 85
  6. Complete Glasslite Vlix, AFA-graded

I know its a long shout and most likely impossible to find a fitting trade partner, but I just thought I'd give it a try.




1983 Aviva Catalog (NOT included, pic is property of Justin K.):

Link potentiel re-issue: http://www.figures.com/forums/news/38602-super7-x-funko-reaction-figures.html

Link Aviva/ Hasbro DC cancelled line: http://forum.rebelscum.com/t982892/
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Mar 11, 2012
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