FT:65 or 79 back display header wanted or Revege proof cards, and more

Jul 24, 2011
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I’m looking to trade/sell some of these grail items. Looking for Revenge Farmboy and Vader proof cards, a sealed chipboard Death Star, and micro 4-ups for Gam Guard or Leia.

I have the following items to trade. Also willing to add or accept cash if trade is unbalanced.
-1st shot Squid Head unpainted with lighter head and different belt
-Squid Head proof card (Should grade AFA85)
-POTF R2 POP-up CAS80+ (C80 B85 F85)
-Transformers Soundwave w/ rubsign AFA80 (B75 W80 F90)
- I do have some other nice graded Silver Age comics.

I can provide references or more pictures if needed. If you aren't too far away, I'd be willing to meet in person.
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