FS wedge xwing awing WTT/WTB List

May 22, 2012
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Hi all ,new here but been checking out rebelscum for years

Have for sale or trade

saga a-wing (green version sealed in box,box not great but decent) $20 shipped
potf a wing (loose no box) $14 shipped
wedge's x-wing (guess it was a tru exclusive?) just the ship no ladder or figs $35 shipped
durge clone wars with swoop loose complete $9 shipped
clone wars crab droid loose $8 shipped
seperatist forces spider droid loose $8 shipped
ig lancer droid loose complete $7 shipped

Will trade for any of these (loose or carded prefer loose)
r4 h5
r2 mk
corran horn
biggs darklighter tac
star tours r4 m9
star tours r5 d2
r2 x2 tac
leia (white)votc
leia (poncho) votc
general lando tvc
comic 2 pack ibtisam & nrin vakil
cloud car tvc?
chewbacca votc
r3p0-droid factory
bl 17 droid factory
i5 yq droid factory

bad parts for HK50 torso
bad parts for mb ra7 L&R arms