FS: Walking Dead TV Series Figures For Sale

Aug 12, 2005
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I have every 5" figure, 10" figure and boxed set for the Walking Dead TV series. (Except Series 1 Rick and Daryl) I am looking to sell these (no trades needed at this time) Prices include shipping. I accept Paypal, check or m/o. All figures are in great shape and all are in excellent packaging (unless noted) No loose figures unless that is how you want them shipped.

Series 1 Zombie biter - 40.00 (large card)****SOLD
Series 1 Walker- 40.00 (large card)***SOLD
Series 2 Bicycle Girl- 40.00 (large card)****SOLD
Series 2 Well Walker 40.00 (large card)****SOLD
Series 2 Rick Grimes- 40.00****SOLD
Series 2 Shane Walsh (no hat) 20.00****SOLD
Series 9 Dale w/guts- 25.00
Series 3 Michonne's Pet 1- 25.00****SOLD
Series 3 Michonne's Pet 2- 25.00****SOLD
Series 4 Riot Gear Zombie- 20.00
Series 4 Gas Mask Zombie- 20.00
Series 5 Glenn Rhee- 20.00******SOLD
Series 5 Maggie- 15.00*****SOLD
Series 5 Tyreese- 20.00
Series 5 Zombie Merle- 25.00
Exclusive Hershel figure w/zombie head- 25.00******SOLD
Flashback Daryl Dixon- 25.00
Gravedigger Daryl- 20.00
RV Zombie (2nd release) 20.00
Series 6 Shane (w/hat) 20.00
Series 3 Merle- 20.00*****SOLD
Terminus Carol- 20.00
Walgreens Exclusive Rick Grimes (Sheriff outfit) 20.00
Walgreens Exclusive Rick (Constable outfit) 25.00
Abraham Ford- 20.00******SOLD
Autopsy Walker- 20.00
Charred Walker- 20.00
Series 6 Daryl- 20.00
Exclusive Tyreese Death Figure- 25.00

I have many more so PM me if you are interested in any. Thanks!
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