FS: VOTC, VTSC, TVC, Star Tours & Disney racers

Sep 20, 2002
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All of these items are still sealed in the original packaging. Some packages are not mint. Just let me know which pieces you are interested in and I can give detailed condition descriptions and take additional photos. Loose collectors should be all set as none of these items have been removed from the packaging. I can open them and ship loose for shipping if desired.

I Currently only ship within the United States. Prices do NOT include shipping. Let me know what you want and I will get you an EXACT shipping quote from the Post Office. I ship Standard Mail/Parcel Post. If you want items sent via Priority, that's fine, just let me know and I will get the quote for that service instead.

I accept Paypal GIFT (or you pay fees) and Money Orders, sorry no checks. A link to my RS feedback is in my signature. I have over 1200 positive feedbacks on ebay. Let me know if you want the link.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Sorry in advance for all the typos ;)

Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Action Figures from 2004 in plastic clam shell cases
Han Solo $22 SOLD
Princess Leia $20
Obiwan Kenobi $25
R2-D2 $25
Boba Fett $28 SOLD
Stormtrooper $20
Yoda $20
Lando Calrissian $20
Chewbacca $27 SOLD
C-3PO $15
Darth Vader $20
Luke Skywalker $20

Vintage The Saga Collection VTSC Action Figures from 2006 in plastic clam shell cases

Han Hoth $18
Han Trench Coat $15
Snowtrooper x2 $15 EACH
Leia Poncho $12
Luke Bespin $12 SOLD
Greedo $12
Tuskin Raider $12 SOLD
Biker Scout $15
Luke X-Wing $15 SOLD
Bossk $20 SOLD
IG-88 $15 SOLD

The Vintage Collection Action Figures from 2010 no plastic cases
AT-AT Commander $28SOLD
Boba Fett $28 SOLD
Dengar Bounty Hunter $19SOLD
Imperial Sandtrooper $15 SOLD
C-3PO (Smashed bubble but toy is untouched) $19SOLD
Leia Hoth Gear $28 SOLD
Darth Vader $15 SOLD
Dak Raltir $20 SOLD
4-LOM $15 SOLD
Cloud Car Pilot $15 SOLD
Han Solo Echo Base Outfit $12 SOLD

Silver colored figures (Cards are not mint)
R2-D2 $10
Darth Vader $10
Boba Fett $10
Clone Trooper $10

Star Tours Droids Action Figures green card MOC ($50 for the set of six)
DL-X2 $10 SOLD
R3-D3 $10 SOLD
R4-M9 $10 SOLD
WEG-1618 $10 SOLD
RX-24 $10 SOLD
G2-4T $10 SOLD

Disney Racers SET OF 10 Star Wars car toys ($50 for the set) SOLD

Disney Figure Boxed Set #1 w/ Boba Fett $20

Disney Figure Boxed Set #2 w/ Jango Fett $20

Hasbro modern Early Bird cardboard offer kit only sealed (no figures) $20

TAC 30th Anniversary Collection Mail in Coin set $25

Star Wars Celebration V 4-LOM/Zuckuss 2 pack from 2010 $50

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