FS: Vintage, TVC, TBS, Clone Wars & Junk - Trades welcome

Jun 1, 2011
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West Texas
Need to clear out my junk box so open to reasonable offers and trades. List of wants at bottom
Will ship priority mail with tracking based on your location.
Prices do not include shipping
Paypal only (no gift)
All pictures clickable for larger version

Imperial Troop Transport - Missing all electronics, switch plate, radar and battery cover $10 - SOLD
Gam Guard (Ledy?) - Paint rubs on horns $10

MOC Figures
TVC Bom Vindin $8
TVC ARC Trooper Commander $15
TVC Senate Guard $8
TVC Clone Trooper (Canadian Card) $10
TVC Senate Guard (Canadian Card) $10
TVC Anakin Skywalker (Canadian Card) $10
TBS Anakin Skywalker $7

MIB Items
Clone Wars Speeder Bike w/ Dooku $10 - SOLD
Clone Wars Republic Fighter Tank $15
Clone Wars Hostage Crisis $12
(2) Droid Factory Sealed Boxes $20 ea - 2 SOLD

Mint Figures (Complete) $5 each
TBS Biker Scout
TSC Emperor
TBS Luke Skywalker - SOLD
TBS Darth Vader
(2) TBS Biggs Darklighter
(4) Assassin Droids
Asajj Ventress - SOLD
Clone Wars Animated Grievous
Clone Wars Animated Yoda
Clone Wars Animated Anakin
Clone Wars Animated Anakin
Clone Wars Animated Clone Trooper
Clone Wars Animated Obi Wan
TVC Emperor - SOLD
Savage Opress

Junk Figures (no accessories) $2 each
Obi Wan
Mace Windu
Obi Wan
Qui Gon
Anakin (missing arm)
Jar Jar
Qui Gon

Wants (loose but complete)
Looking for the following loose figures complete and in very good condition

(1999)POTF- Anakin Skywalker(Flashback)
(2006)TSC- Bib Fortuna(SAGA 003)
(2010)TVC- C-3P0(VC06)
(2012)TVC- Emperor's Royal Guard(VC105)
(2010)SL- Greedo(SL04)
(2006)TSC- Hammerhead(SAGA 031)
(2005)TSC- Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber)(SAGA 002)
(2011)TVC- IG-88(Imperial Forces)
(2009)LC- Jawa(BD39)
(2010)TVC- Lando Calrissian(Bespin Alliance)
(2012)TVC- Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard Disguise(VC89)
(2009)LC- Luke Skywalker in Battle Poncho(Battle For Endor)
(2009)TLC- Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Outfit(BD 30)
(2012)TVC- Lumat(VC104)
(2009)LC- Paploo(BD18)
(2004)VOTC- Princess Leia Organa()
(2007)VTSC- Princess Leia Organa (In Combat Poncho)()
(2009)LC- R2-D2(Resurgence Of The Jedi)
(2009)TLC- Rebel Commander(BD 42)
(2007)TAC- Romba (30-43)
(2011)TVC- Walrus Man(VC70)
(2009)LC- Warok(Battle For Endor)
(2010)TVC- Wicket W. Warrick(VC27)
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