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Oct 28, 2003
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Long story short: I lost my job and my mother in law moved into our basement/toy room. All my stuff went into boxes in the guest room, now we're expecting our second child and I have to clear that out too. :\

I put prices on here because the rules say I have to but I honestly have NO IDEA if these are reasonable or not (I just did a cursory ebay search to get an idea), so please please PLEASE feel free to make an offer. I'd really much rather sell them here to fellow scummers than on stupid ebay. If you want pics of any of them let me know.

I'll be adding stuff to this, LOTS of stuff, including some vehicles (boxed and open), more moc figs, and tons of loose figs too. As for shipping, I have no idea about that either, we can do whatever service you prefer.

to start 01/14/15:



$5 each or best offer
greedo (green card) x3
tusken raider (green card) x4
han endor gear (green card)
momaw nadon (green card)
princess leia collection leia and luke ceremony

episode 1

$5 each or best offer
mace windu x2
darth maul
senator palpatine
qui-gon jinn
obi wan kenobi
destroyer droid

vintage collection 2010-2013

general lando $15 SOLD
senate guard $5 SOLD
naboo royal guard $2 SOLD
sandtrooper $8 SOLD
rebel commando white (card in bad shape) $5 SOLD
rebel commando white $10 SOLD
rebel commando black $10 SOLD
r2d2 (card in bad shape) $3 SOLD
general grevious $20 SOLD
luke death star escape $20 SOLD
dack ralter $40 SOLD
emperor's royal guard $40 (card creased a bit, thanks hasbro toy shop ) SOLD
ben quardinaros $5

saga legends 2009-2010

darktrooper $10

30th anniversary collection 2007-2008

tycho celchu $15 SOLD

the saga collection 2006

clone commander cody $10 SOLD

revenge of the sith

$5 each or best offer
clone commander SOLD
royal guard blue SOLD
at-te commander SOLD

saga 2002-2003

$5 each or best offer
darth vader bespin duel
luminara unduli
tusken raider with massiff
elan sleazebaggano
bail organa
chewbacca cloud city capture
darth vader death star clash
wat tambor $10

clone wars animated 2003

general grevious clone wars cartoon $5
count dooku clone wars cartoon $5
durge clone wars cartoon $10

clone wars realistic 2003

assajj ventress $10
saesee tiin $5
yoda $5
durge $15 SOLD

the clone wars 2009

flamethrower clone trooper $5

gi joe direct to consumer 2005-2006

$5 each or best offer
sgt mutt
medi viper
spirit iron knife
major bludd
barrell roll
scrap iron
saw viper

gi joe rise of cobra

destro weapons supplier $5
baroness attack on the pitt $15
neo viper $5
snake eyes $10
storm shadow $5

gi joe 25th anniversary

wraith $10 SOLD
wraith invisible $15 SOLD
airborne $7
duke tiger force $7 SOLD
crocmaster $10 SOLD
flint tiger force $7 SOLD
hiss driver $7 SOLD
cobra air trooper $7
cobra commander $7 (Cobra Commander (v24) G.I. Joe Action Figure - YoJoe Archive) SOLD
cobra commander $7 (Cobra Commander (v31) G.I. Joe Action Figure - YoJoe Archive) SOLD
cobra commander hood $7
cobra bazooka trooper $7
snake eyes arctic $7 SOLD
snake eyes grey wolf $12 (Snake Eyes (v29) G.I. Joe Action Figure - YoJoe Archive) SOLD
snake eyes $7 (Snake Eyes (v30) G.I. Joe Action Figure - YoJoe Archive) SOLD
snake eyes $7 (Snake Eyes (v34) G.I. Joe Action Figure - YoJoe Archive) SOLD
storm shadow $12 (Storm Shadow (v22) G.I. Joe Action Figure - YoJoe Archive) SOLD


indiana jones last crusade $5 or best offer

more to come...

:p Brooks
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May 3, 2011
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Quick bump for a great transaction with broox!

Great communication. Quick ship.

What else can you ask for!