FS FS: Various Lines: Black Series, TVC, Exclusives, loose and carded

Aug 25, 2001
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Hi all,
Clearing out the closet and have a few items for sale. I will leave this here until Sunday (9/26) then, what's left is off to ebay. Thanks for looking! Shoot me a PM with questions. Don't like the price, feel free to make a reasonable offer. See pics of items below.

All items come from smoke/pet free home. Star Cases are NOT included with the exception of the VOTC and VTSC figures. Figures have been stored in Star Cases since coming into my possession.

Payment via PayPal friends and family...I will charge actual shipping via USPS priority mail.

Thanks for looking!


Loose 3 3/4" Figures

Ahsoka Tano - Black series (missing light sabers) - $5
POTF2 Grand Admiral Thrawn - $10
Retro Collection Han Solo Hoth - $5
Emperor Palpatine (from a battle pack I think - see pic) - $10

Loose 6" Black Series

Ahsoka Tana - $20
5 interlocking Black Series Stands - from early bird set - $10 for all

Carded The Vintage Collection

VC176 - ARC Trooper Echo - $16
VC178 - Rogue One Darth Vader - $16
VC201 - Clone Wars Darth Maul - $16
VC202 - Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano - $16

Wal-Mart Exclusive "Carbonized" The Mandalorian - $16

50th Anniversary Black Series Amazon Exclusives (complete with mailer box) Only removed to photograph

Obi-Wan Kenobi - $30
Greedo - $30

Miscellaneous Carded

VOTC - Luke Skywalker - $12
VTSC - Luke Skywalk X-Wing - $12
The Saga Collection - UGH Darth Vader with "Pewter" Dooku - $10
POTF2 - FF Yoda with boiling pot - $8
POTF2 - Orange Card Chewbacca - $5
POTF2 - Orange Card Lando - $5


Jyn Erso Hot Wheels - $4




50th BS.jpg