FS various Hasbro darth vader figures and rots figures

Feb 22, 2013
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Here is what i have for sale. I have pictures I can email if interested. All figures are factory sealed. Please PM if interested. Thanks

Two Darth Vader unleashed ROTS Best Buy exclusive figures. $35 shipped each

Hasbro ROTS commemorative DVD collections that was released in three sets. Collection one of three is the Jedi, collection two of three is the Sith, collection three of three is the clone troopers. $25 shipped for each. $70 shipped all three

Hasbro darth vader rots unleashed $20 shipped

Hasbro darth vader rots force battler $15 shipped

Hasbro rots darth vader lightsaber attack $15 shipped

Hasbro anakin skywalker rots lightsaber attack $15 shipped. Has both the red and blue blade

I am open to offers and want to move these few pieces to a good home for someone who would enjoy them. Thanks