FS: TVC, Tauntaun, some Legacy, HTF's - ALL SOLD

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Apr 3, 2005
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Thinning my collection. When things sit in your closet for months at a time and never see the light of day, maybe you don't need them. Lol.

Anyhow, I usually open figures but these are mostly carded. That being said, the cards are not in the best of shape on the carded singles because my intent was to open them. There is no physical damage but slight warping on some. If you are a mint card collector, you might want to pass. I am selling these at good prices and will offer deals on multiple purchases. I prefer not shipping one figure at a time. Also, if you want the figure shipped loose to save on shipping, just say the word.

Paypal only. Shipping is $4 per single carded figure. $1 each additional figure. $2 per loose figure and .50 for each additional. Shipping on items in lots will be posted below the lot.


TVC Ackbar $8
TVC Kithaba - brown headband $9
TVC Jedi Luke $7
TVC Sandtrooper $9
TVC Lost Line Sandtrooper $9
TVC Nikto $9
TVC ARC Trooper $7
TVC Quinlan Vos $7
TVC Deleted Scenes Luke $8
TVC Ceremonial Han $7
TVC Sidious $7
TVC Tarkin $10
Legacy Greedo $8
Legacy Jodo Kast $9
30th Anniversary Han Solo - Torture Rack $7

TVC Luke's Tauntaun with Hoth Luke $38 shipped for the lot

first come first served and I can not hold items.


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