FS: TVC Gamorrean Guards, INC, Weequay, Orrimaarko

Apr 12, 2012
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I've got four Gamorrean Guards, an Imperial Navy Commander, Weequay, and Prunce Face for sale. I wouldn't call any of the GGs mint, but none of them are trashed. One has a crease. I'm not picky, but I would only call the creased GG an opener, the rest don't bother me. Let me know if you want a more detailed description.

Weequay and Orrimaarko are both pretty mint and unpunched. The INC is also in excellent shape, but it is punched. All three show very minor signs of shelf wear.

Discounts will be given if you buy multiple figures.

Gamorrean Guard: $14 shipped each
Imperial Navy Commander: $20
Weequay: $10
Orrimaarko: $9

You will be responsible for Paypal fees if not paying as a gift.

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