FS Toys R Us display banners/headers Episode 2

Mar 7, 2002
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Hey everyone - I have for sale three of the display pieces that Toys R Us had above the front action figure display during the release of the AOTC toys. These are the 3D banners featuring various characters. All are made of thick durable cardboard and in MINT shape (no creases or scratches) Descriptions below....

Count Dooku - The header measures 51" across and 12 and 1/2" tall. The Count extends 6" higher. It is a waist up shot of Dooku and the Star Wars logo is on the right side. Both are slightly raised a 1/2" for 3D effect.

Mace and Obi-Wan - The header measures 57" across and 12 and 1/2" high. Mace's saber and Obi-Wans head extend 5 and 1/2" above. Mace is a waist up shot with his saber ignited over his head and Obi-Wan has saber pointing down. Star Wars logo between the two Jedi. All 3 are 3D as well.

Anakin and Padme - The header measures 41 and 1/2" and 12 and 1/2" tall. Anakin and Padme extend 5" higher. Anakin is on the left (waist up shot) with lightsaber ignited and Padme is on his right with the arena outfit (side profile) and has blaster held up. The Star Wars logo is on the right hand side. All three once again are elevated to create 3D effect.

A great addition to any collection. I am in the process of thinning out my personal one and decided to let these go. I am asking $80 for the set PLUS actual shipping charges. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!