FS: Store Displays


Aug 15, 2005
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I thought I had gotten rid of these years ago, but I recently found them in the back of the closet while cleaning.
A few of them are very large, so I would prefer a local pickup/meet and do not want to deal with oversized shipping issues.
If you are near the Milwaukee-Chicago-Madison area and are interested, send me a PM.

Asking $70 total for all 34 pieces shown and listed below.

Display 1:
Quantity of 2 identical Special Edition VHS release display toppers. These hook together to form a square display.
Flat size: 36.5" wide by 19" tall including tabs.

Display 2:
Quantity 1 each of Amidala and Darth Maul contour signs. These were unused at the store I worked for back in the day, but may have minor dings to Maul's horns, etc. I think there may have originally been a third character that would join with these two in order to form a 3-sided display.
Size: 18" wide by 38" tall, including tabs.

Display 3:
Quantity 2 each of the large character side counter displays. These were also not used by the store that I worked at.
Size: 14.25" wide x 46.25" tall and about 1/2" thick plus small plastic tabs to hook them onto a shelf bracket.

Display 4:
Quantity 13(not a typo): Red Star Wars header shown on the bottom of the photo. Each measures 29" wide by 6.5" tall.
Quantity 1: Red Star Wars header, double-sided. 30" wide by 12" tall.

Display 5:
Quantity 2: Qui-gon sign. These are 12.5" wide by 10" tall.

Quantity 2 each of Anakin, Obiwan and Amidala. These are double sided with the red SW logo burst artwork on the back side. 12.5" wide by 13.5" tall.