FS: Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Transformers, GI Joe, Funko, and MUCH MORE!

Mar 10, 2011
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Hello everyone! Due to many circumstances, either shifting the way I collect or just need to make space, I am selling off a good portion of my collection. I will be adding this this listing as I go through more stuff to sell. To keep this process easy for me and less confusing for all of you I am posting all pertinent information below to answer any questions that may arise.


I do apologize for the extensive notes and such, I am just very busy already, let alone handling selling this amount of stuff. I will not get upset or refuse to sell to you because you did not read this. It is here to hopefully reduce the amount of questions I get on top of everything else.

I have another wave of stuff I am photographing and pricing. I will have these up either Thursday or Friday. I am temporarily holding all orders until I get the new batch posted in the event there is anything else you want! If you are not interested no problem, business as usual. I just don't want to sell you a bunch of stuff just to list more that you would like to purchase.


K-2SO - 9
Stormtrooper Luke (missing commlink) - 17
Stormtrooper Han - 18
Custom Pilot Poe (Target 2 Pack head with 5 'o clock shadow removed) - DECIDED TO KEEP FOR NOW, SORRY
Rey and BB-8 (1st run) - 4 DECIDED TO KEEP BB-8, sorry!
Clone Trooper Captain - SOLD
Jango Fett X2 - 14
Jyn Erso - 4


Stormtrooper - 13
Resistance Trooper (brown helm) - 13
Resistance Trooper (green helm) - 42
TIE Pilot - 11
General Hux - 25
Asty (grey strap version) - 21
Flametrooper - 8


Stormtrooper Finn - 21
C-3PO (Bright red arm version) - 15
Snowtrooper (Couldn't find correct box, this is a normal Snowtrooper but only could find another officer box) - 6
Snow Trooper Officer - 13
Poe Vs Riot Stormtrooper - 19
Kmart Kylo - 7
Kmart Rey - 7


SDCC Obi Wan (received this in a lot, tape was cut for some reason but items have never been removed. Box has some damage, for openers) - 48
Walmart Kenner Cantina set (tape cut, items brand new) - 17
SDCC Jyn (received this with the Obi Wan, tape but, figure wasn't removed. No clue, box is nice though) - 40
Elite Boba (no cape version, knee joints are loose, small scratch near knee. How it was when I opened it) - 29
Elite Poe (open but all fine) - 7


Jakks 18" Poe - 9



Kenner Rebel Transport (no cardboard insert, gas masks, turret or door. One tab was snapped off, still closes. The command bridge lock is snapped off at the connection. The tabs on the back and sides still hold it closed) - 18




Walgreens Ant Man - 7
Ultron Giant Man - 10
Nemesis Wave Daredevil (without BAF - ) -19 or 29 with BAF or 11 for BAF only
Spiderman Classics Daredevil (can't find clear clip for dio) - 9
Walgreens Daredevil - 15
Legendary Riders Taskmaster hovercycle (missing base) - 4
BAF Hobogoblin left arm - 10
Dormammu head - 7
Mantis torso - 5
Hulkbuster Doctor Strange - 4


Fallout Series 1 Minis, complete regular set. Bonus POP Deathclaw (would prefer to sell as a lot) - 57
GOTG Vol. 1 Minimates, complete set minus Rocket and Groot (would prefer to sell as a lot) -28


New York Connor - 44
Tribal Connor -9
Ratonhnhaké:ton - 17
Aveline - 8
Shay Cormack -16
Arno - 6
Eagle Vision Arno - 4
McFarlane Arno - 9


Beast Hunters Smokescreen - 16
PRID Vehicon - 16
Combiner Wars Swindle - 14
GDO Wheelie - 15
RTS Cyclonus (rubsign was missing, reprolabel in it's place) - 17
FOC Generations Magnus - 12
FOC Generations Grimlock - 19
PRID Magus - 17
30th Blitzwing (missing gun, head gimmick kinda works, post broke, hips are loose, piece of junk) - Whatever price you want, just SOMETHING
Animated Blitzwing (one missile was suck in the launcher, doesn't fire but can be taken out and put in for looks) - 25
30th Whirl (no sticker sheet) - 13


Construct Bots Shockwave - 12 (Have plastic box, adds $2)
RTS Legion Prime - 6
Generations Legion Prime (with sword) - 6
30th Starscream Legend (no Waspinator) - 14
30th Acid Storm (with Waspinator repaint) - 13
Animated Swindle (left shoulder cracked, clear plastic, very common sadly) - 10
Classics Astrotrain - 13
Beast Hunters Shockwave soft figure - 5
Robot Mashers Starscream - 7
Generations Legion Megatron - 6
30th Cosmos with one shuttle minibot (red paint scratched on head, bad application) - 5
2nd Shuttle minibot - 3
Classics Megatron - 17
CW Tank Megatron - 40


The complete Combiner Wars Denfensor EXPERIENCE (would prefer to sell as a lot) - 110


ROTF Ultimate Devastator (missing part of the jaw) - 7
MMC Sixshot Hexatron 1st Run (small paint loss on one sword hilt, very small stress mark on leg fin, minor reprolabels) - 64


This paperwork will come with whatever figure it belongs to, just wanted to show they were here.


Justice Toyman - 15
DC Icons Aquaman - 15
Phantasm Batman (no teeth paint version) - 13
King Shark torso X2 - 8
Multiverse Doomsday right leg - 4
Multiverse Solomon Grundy with jail bars - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Multiverse Clayface with jail bars - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Multiverse Killer Crock with jail bars - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)


70s Batman - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Origins Batman - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Year One Batman - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Batman Beyond Batman - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
66 Batman - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Knight Detective Mode - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
City Batman - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Knight Robin - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Origins Deadshot - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Knight Detective Mode Bane - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Origins Bane - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Origins Deathstroke - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Origins Black Mask - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Knight Red Hood - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
City Mr. Freeze - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
City Catwoman (complete) - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
City Catwoman (no whip, base, and waist swivel wasn't moulded correctly) -
Knight Two Face - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Knight Arkham Knight - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
City Hush - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)
Knight Scarecrow - (would prefer to sell multiverse in lot)


Injustice DC Collectibles Cyborg - 9
Injustice DC Collectibles Batman - 13


Prototype Batman - 12
GCPD Blake - 22
Batman Evolution Set -30
Batsignal base X2 - 6
Batsignal bracket - 7
Joker (missing knife) - 5
Harvey Dent - 12
Bane X3 - 5
Catwoman - 6
Bank Robber Joker X2 - 13



FTC EE Smoking Jacket Bruce - 12
FTC Exclusive Boxing Batman - 20
FTC EE Greaser **** Grayson - 17
FTC Exclusive Boxer Riddler - 18
FTC EE Joker - 27 (Wrong Joker pictured, fixing soon)
FTC Toycade Joker - 22
FTC Exclusive Joker - 17
FTC EE Joker - 23




NECA Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla - 29
NECA Elder Predator V.2 - 29
NECA City Hunter from 2 pack (missing collapsed Combi stick, plasma caster broke but was glued and still movable) - 19
NECA Jungle Extraction Dutch (wrist have tiny split in the gloves) - 16
MOTUC Optikk (loose arms, typical MattyCollector stuff) - 38
Funko Legacy Jamie (right hand had thumb separated so he hold the damn sword) - 9
Mezco Walter White (sunglasses cracked in half, glued but not perfect) - 7
NECA Ultimate T-1000 - 28
NECA Kyle Reese (with photo!) - 14
NECA Hicks (shotgun sheath broke off, straps glued back on, holds fine) - 13


50th TRU Snowjob, complete X4 - 9 or 31 for all 4
Marauder Task Force Figure, complete as far as I know - 29
Kreon Series 2, Land Adventurer sealed - 3
Hasbro Indiana Jones Short Round - 9
Hasbro Indiana Jones Multipack Henry Jones - 7



TRU Exclusive Sonic set - 28
NY Giants baseball event giveaway McFarlane Arno Dorian - 44
75th New Frontier Batman (tin is in decent shape, some wear) - 17
Funko 66 Batman Rides (figure and ride in good shape, box has decent damage) -19



Shoretrooper Squad Leader - 25
Hot Topic Funko New 52 Harley - 8
Poison Ivy Imposter -7
Poe Vs. Riot Stormtrooper (box has some noticeable shelfwear) - 27
40th R5-D4 - 36
DCC New Adventures Two Face (Fixed joints version) - 28
DCC Knight Professor Pyg -14
30th FOC Shockwave - 22


1.) This FS listing has been posted on multiple forums, to be fair I will sell everything on a first come first serve basis. I have all the sites set to the same time zone, I will cross check the PM timestamps on any items that receive multiple inquires.
2.) Items must be paid for within 3 days of your initial PM unless otherwise discussed. (ie. large purchase that requires time to prepare)
3.) What I have listed is what is for sale, however, feel free to ask about items that correlate with what I am selling. I have A LOT of stuff and chances are I haven't listed it yet or didn't figure anyone would want it.
5.) I am actively selling items, on multiple sites, eBay included. If a forum member buys an item I also happen to have on eBay the listing will be IMMEDIATELY removed. I note any items I have on eBay so you can act fast. If an item sells on eBay I cannot and will not cancel it. eBay does not allow this and I do not plan to abuse their TOS.
6.) I apologize if you see an item you've sold me up for sale, and I apologize if I am asking more than you sold it for. I've been buying stuff for over 10 years, I've changed my focus so much and have no idea what I paid for these. I am sorry, but my intention was not to profit off of you. Also I could have simply received another as I often buy lots.

1.) All orders will be charged ACTUAL shipping costs. I have a small scale and can get you a quote for any orders that do not exceed the weight limit of my scale. I do not charge for boxes, packing material, or travel. Just whatever the USPS charges me.
2.) International buyers please realize shipping will be higher and do not go through the motions of wanting to buy something only to say shipping is too high. I cannot help this but I will try to ship the cheapest method possible for you.
3.) Keep in mind all packages and envelopes start at 2.67 for first class. No matter how small the item you buy is shipping will at least be that much. A standard loose 6" figure only costs 2.67 to ship, 2 figures adds another 70 cents to a dollar, roughly.
4.) I work a full time job and may not be able to get to the post office for a couple days sometimes. It shouldn't take longer than 3 days but due to the nature of my job I could be need and be unable to ship.

1.) I have tried to keep my prices fair and in line with current values. I looked at eBay sold listing for most of my prices then took a percentage off the final cost. I apologize if any prices seem outrageous to you, I'm just wanting to get fair value for them.
2.) PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! I have most items priced about at what I want to sell them for, calculating market value, what I paid, and what the item is worth to me. However the more you buy or depending on the item I am flexible on the pricing. I will occasionally do sales and price cuts, I don't want to give these away but I do need this stuff gone.
3.) If we are negotiating price on an item and haven't finalized, if another buyer offers to purchase it for the original price I will inform you and let you have it for that price first. If not the new buyer will get the item. This does not apply to bulk order deals.

1.) Paypal is always preferred but I will work out other payment methods within reason.
2.) Gift payment is fine, otherwise provide an extra 3% to cover fees.
3.) Payment due within 3 days of first PM unless otherwise discussed with me. (ie. large bulk purchases)
4.) NOT TRADING AT THIS TIME! Sorry but I need funds and space more than more figures. Haha.

1.) I have tried to keep my items in good condition over the years but due to circumstances out of my control some items have issues. Be it manufacturing issues, I purchased it with those defects, or something happened accidentally. I will fully disclose any known issues beside the items name and price.
2.) Everything that does not have notes is complete and in good condition. Look at the pictures, I tried to have all accessories in plain view to alleviate any issues confirming if any items are complete. I tried to mark any figures I know are incomplete but I may have forgotten what all a particular figure comes with. I apologize for the error and will fix it if it is brought to my attention.
3.) I have a section of TRUE SEALED items and another section of OPENED ITEMS but still have their packaging. Please look closely to make sure the item is actually factory sealed.
4.) I do have boxes for a lot of these figures, if you want them let me know. Keep in mind they could potentially be lost or damaged. Also it may take me an extra day or two to find them. If you do not ask for boxes they will not be included. Additionally if you do not want the boxes for any items let me know, it may or may not reduce shipping costs for the item.