FS: Star Wars boxed items--figures, Titanium ships and figure sets

Dec 2, 2008
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Some items might have minor shelf wear--PM with specifics. Thanks

Titanium Shadow AT-AT boxed $9.00

Titanium Anakin's Modified starfighter Boxed $9.00

Titanium Kit Fisto starfighter Boxed $6.00

Legacy Comic 2-Pack Darth Vader/Grand Moff Trachta Boxed $18.00

Battle pack Revenge of the Sith Clone Attack on Coruscant Boxed $13.00

Anakin to Darth Vader Evolution 3-pack Boxed $18.00

30th Anniversary Battle Pack The Hunt for Grievous Boxed $30.00

Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack 30th Anniversary boxed $9.00

Comic-Con Visionaries Darth Maul Owen Lars Comic Two Pack Boxed $50.00

Clone Wars animated Savage Opress figure (shirtless) boxed $9.00

Clone Wars animated Savage Opress figure (in armor) boxed $25.00

Clone Wars animated Chewbacca figure boxed $12.00

Clone Wars animated Shaak Ti figure boxed $10.00

30th Anniversary Cmdr. Nero figure with coin boxed $12.00

30th Anniversary Concept Rebel Trooper with coin boxed $12.00

2 boxes of Star Wars customizable card game cards 1000's of cards $30.00 OBO

***Buyer must pay shipping. Thanks!