FS: Some Lego Indiana Jones + Collectible Minifigures + Ninjago

Apr 3, 2005
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Alabama - ROLL TIDE!
I am selling a few loose Indiana Jones items. They are assembled and are as follows:

7621 - Lost Tomb (no minifigures, has instructions, is missing one piece which is 1 x Tan Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Handle on Side - Type 2 (closed ends)
$25 shipped

7682 - Shanghai Chase (just the two vehicles, no minifigures, but both vehicles are complete, no instructions)
$25 shipped

Also am selling the following Collectible Minifigures. They are loose but complete with stand. $3 each + $1.50 to ship. That's $1.50 if you buy one or buy them all. Would prefer to sell more than 1 or 2 at a time, please.

Series 5
Gangster x 5
Zoo Keeper x 2
Detective x 2
Snowboarder x 2

Series 6
Sleepy Head x 1
Highland Warrior x 1
Mechanic x 1

Also have a Ninjago Spinjitzu Dojo - unassembled in plastic baggies, no minifigures, no box but with instructions $25 shipped

Will add more minifigures and some Ninjago figures and possible other items as I unpack them.

Prices are negotiable. They're just little pieces of plastic for Pete's sake.

thanks for looking!
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