FS: Ships, Clones, sep of twins and more

Apr 19, 2004
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All are mint in sealed packages. If you need to know package condition just PM me. Prices do not include shipping, Only U.S.Thanks

Separation of the twins set-$35

Stormtrooper Evolutions-$20 (box not mint)

Jedi Con Excl=$60

Paris Exclusive Anakin (box not 100% mint, but figure card should be fine)=$60

Wal-mart Clone 3-pack=$11

Clone 3-pack with green clone=$11

OTC Tie Fighter=$24

OTC X-Wing=25

Saga Dagobah X-Wing With Exc. R2 $40

Expanded Universe Airspeeder (box not mint) $10

Action Fleet Target Exc. set $40

Mustafar Playset-$40

Geonosis Battle Arena Playset-$50

OTC Slave 1=$40 2 Sold

ROTJ A-Wing=$20 Sold

No pics for these but I also have:
Best Buy Unleashed Darth Vader-$15
Geonosis War Room 1&2-$25 for both
12" Luke on speeder bike-$50
12" Darth Maul on sith speeder-$30
FAO Exc. Shuttle Tyderium-$120
more to come