FS POTF2 figures Please Look!!!!

Sep 9, 2010
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I’ve been collecting Star Wars for about fifteen years and my collection is starting to overrun my house. I’ve made a turn for the high end collectibles and I’m forced to let some of my collection go due to space shortage, the constant nagging of my wife and limited funds for future collectibles. I’m not asking outrageous prices and will be willing to work out deals. Most of what I’m selling is Kenner/Hasbro toys so if you don’t see something listed please ask I may have it. This list is just a fraction of what I’m selling. I’m giving my fellow collectors first dibs on my collection before I list it on evil bay. Thank you for looking and please send me a PM if you are interested or would like some pics.

• Boba Fett (GC)
• Boba Fett x3 (circle on both hands, OC)
• Bossk (GC) Damage to card from price tag.
• C-3PO x3 (OC)
• Chewbacca SOTE (PC)
• Chewbacca x2 (OC)
• Darth Vader (long saber, OC)
• Darth Vader (short saber, OC)
• Han Solo Hoth x2 (closed hand, OC)
• Han Solo Hoth x2 (open hand, OC)
• Han Solo in Carbonite Block x2 (OC)
• Han Solo in Freezing Chamber (OC)
• Han Solo x2 (OC)
• Kabe & Muftak (mail away)
• Lando Calrissian x2 (OC)
• Luke in Dagobah Fatigues (long saber, OC)
• Luke in Dagobah Fatigues x2 (short saber, OC)
• Luke Skywalker (long saber, OC)
• Luke Skywalker Jedi x2 (black vest, OC)
• Luke Skywalker Jedi x2 (brown vest, OC)
• Luke X-Wing (long saber, OC)
• Luke X-Wing (short saber, OC)
• Mace Windu (mail away)
• Obi -wan Kenobi x3 (short saber, OC)
• Oola & Salacious Crumb (mail away)
• Pricess Leia x4 (OC)
• Prince Xizor SOTE (PC) damage to the card from price tag.
• R2D2 x3 (OC)
• Stormtrooper x3 (OC)
• Tie Fighter Pilot (printed warning label, OC)
• Yoda EP1 flash back photo
• Yoda x2 (OC)