FS: PotF Figures/Vehicles/etc, 12" Figures, Posters, Giga Pets, Beanie Babies, Glasses etc

Oct 16, 2015
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FS: PotF Figures/Vehicles/etc, 12" Figures, Posters, Giga Pets, Beanie Babies, Glasses etc


I think my prices are pretty fair based on the current market, nonetheless if you see a mistake, feel free to let me know. All my stuff is in good to like new condition, minor warping on some cardboard backings but nothing that can't be straightened out. Everything kept in storage. No folding or tearing unless otherwise mentioned. Photos available of all items so you can judge for yourself.

I will bundle items together for reduced prices if you're going to be buying a lot. I will combine shipping on multiple items, but if you're going to bicker with me about $1.50 in shipping, please kindly ****** off in advance. Tracking will be purchased for all shipments and a tracking number will be provided when shipped.

sample pics: [01][02][03][04][05][06][07][08]




Red/Orange Background Figures:
C-3PO $16
R2-D2 $20
Luke Skywalker (long saber) $39
Luke Skywalker in Dagobah Fatigues (long saber) $31
Luke Skywalker in X-wing Fighter Pilot Gear (long saber) $25
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight (black vest) $21
Princess Leia Organa (2 bands belt) $16
Han Solo $15
Han Solo in Carbonite $20
Han Solo in Hoth Gear $10
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (full body image) (long saber) $52
Yoda $16
Chewbacca $19
Darth Vader (long saber) $29
Stormtrooper $16
Boba Fett (full circle on both hands) $22
Lando Calrissian $12
Tie Fighter Pilot (warning label printed) $16

Green Background Figures:
Jawas $16
R5-D4 (straight latch w/ sticker warning label) $20
Momaw Nadon "Hammerhead" (non-hologram) $16
2-1B Medic Droid (hologram) $14
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise (collection 2) $16
Luke Skywalker in Ceremonial Outfit (collection 1) $48
Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear (collection 2) $16
Bespin Han Solo (hologram) $10
Bib Fortuna (collection 2) $12
Leia in Boushh Disguise $20
Weequay Skiff Guard x2 (collection 3) $7
Han Solo in Endor Gear (hologram w/ blue pants) $15
Ponda Baba (collection 3, black beard) $7
Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard (hologram) $11
Tusken Raider (closed hand) $45
Deathstar Gunner (collection 1, hologram) $19
Gamorrean Guard (hologram) $14
Malakili (Rancor Keeper) (hologram) $10
Hoth Rebel Soldier (collection 2, hologram) $15
Snowtrooper (hologram) $14
Saelt-Marae (Yak Face) (hologram) $15
Admiral Ackbar $12
Sandtrooper (collection 1, hologram) $16
Dengar (hologram) $16
Bossk $22
AT-ST Driver (collection 2) $17
Grand Moff Tarkin (collection 3, hologram) $10
Emperor Palpatine (collection 3) $8
ASP-7 Droid $11
Emperor's Royal Guard (hologram) $13
Garindan (Long Snoot) (hologram) $8
EV-9D9 (hologram) $14
4-LOM $17
Nien Nunb (hologram) $10
Greedo (hologram) $15

Freeze Frame Figures:
Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet & Action Slide $40
Princess Leia Organa as Jabba's Prisoner w/ Action Slide (w/ "Marae" spelling on back) $10
Ishi Tib w/ Action Slide $24
Zuckuss w/ Action Slide $30
Captain Piett w/ Action Slide $30

Deluxe Figures:
Deluxe: Boba Fett (green bg) $10
Deluxe: Snowtrooper (green bg) $23
Deluxe: Probe Droid (green bg) $8
Deluxe: Hoth Rebel Soldier (green bg) $18
Deluxe: Han Solo (red/orange bg) $36
Deluxe: Luke Skywalker's Desert Sport Skiff (red/orange bg) $34
Deluxe: Crowd Control Stormtrooper (red/orange bg) $9

Power F/X Figures:
Electronic Power F/X: R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo) $15
Electronic Power F/X: Darth Vader $15
Electronic Power F/X: Luke Skywalker $15
Electronic Power F/X: Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi $15
Electronic Power F/X: Emperor Palpatine $15

Even older Figures (loose):
Nien Nunb 1983 (w/o accessories) $12
Boba Fett 1979 (w/o blaster) $28
Snowtrooper 1980 (w/o accessories) $10
Greedo 1978 (w/o accessories) $7
Ewoks x3 1983 (Logray, Teebo, Chief Chirpa) (w/o accessories) $18

Vehicles and Animals:
Tie Fighter $35
X-Wing Fighter $70
Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper (power racing) $12
Speeder Bike with Princess Leia Organa in Endor Gear $20
Speeder Bike with Luke Skywalker in Endor Gear (black glove) $16
Imperial AT-ST $55
Imperial AT-AT 1997 Electronic w/ 2 figures (w/o box) $120
Ronto and Jawa $19
Dewback and Sandtrooper $19
Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo $18

12" 'dolls':
Star Wars Collector Series: Storm Trooper $40
Star Wars Collector Series: Darth Vader $25
Old Darth Vader 12" figure from 1978 w/ no box or accessories (cape and saber) $25

Star Wars Action Collection 6" figure(Fully Poseable) Yoda $28


ChromArt Metallic Art Prints: $35 for all
Star Wars $10
Empire Strikes Back $10
Return of the Jedi [1994 STAR WARS Chrome ChromArt Return of the Jedi Framed ART SEALED 11" X 14"] $10
Darth Vader $10

Return of the Jedi (Vader w/ Imperial Guard) 1983, 22" X 34" $20
Return of the Jedi (Ewok) $??
A New Hope (C-3PO & R2-D2) $??
Episode 1: The Phantom Menace poster w/ pin (QVC Collector Set with Pin, 1999) ITEM#: C62633 $35

Darth Vader wall hanging, art print, mirror $??

Star Wars Movie Poster Timepiece: A New Hope (watch, card, and Deathstar display case) $10

Star Wars Collector Timepiece (watch) w/ Millenium Falcon Case: (Hope Industries 1996) all for $32
C-3PO $13
Darth Vader $13
Stormtrooper $10

Star Wars Giga Pets (Tamagotchi): all for $65
R2-D2 $20
Rancor $25
Yoda $25

Die Cast Metal Key Chains: all for $18
Pack of 4 (Han Solo, Boba Fett, Yoda, Obi-Wan) $15
Darth Vader $5

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament: Darth Vader $13

Star Wars Monopoly: Limited Collector's Edition (opened but everything intact) $20

Star Wars Customizable Card Game (opened but everything intact) $12

Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Talking Bank (opened but everything intact) $15

Star Wars Day-to-Day Calendar 1998 $7
Star Wars Darth Vader Reveals Anakin Skywalker Calendar 1999 $13

all for $25
Mead Darth Vader Student Day Planner $20
Mead Star Wars Pen $3
Mead Star Wars Spiral Notebook x2 (Darth Vader and Han Solo) $4

RoseArt Figurine Stamper x2 (Darth Vader and C-3PO) $5/ea or both for $8

Star Wars 550-Piece Puzzles: all for $30
A New Hope $12
The Empire Strikes Back $12
Return of the Jedi $12

Darth Vader bust 3D Puzzle sculpture $10

Darth Vader FX Pen (sound effects) $6

Nippet the Ewok plush toy 1983 $40

Star Wars Buddies (Beanie Babies): all for $100
Wicket the Ewok $8
Wampa $18
Max Rebo $8
Chewie x2 $10/ea
Jabba the Hutt $8
C-3PO $10
Salacious Crumb $14
Jawa $10
R2-D2 $8
Figrin D'an $10

Micro Machines Space Star Wars: all for $35
Return of the Jedi set of 3 ships $10
Darth Vader/Bespin Transforming Action Playset (opened but includes packaging. complete) $15
Planet Dagobah Playset (opened but includes packaging. complete) $15

Star Wars Burger King/Coca-Cola Drinking Glasses: all for $50
A New Hope: C-3PO/R2-D2 $13
The Empire Strikes Back: Luke/Yoda $8
Return of the Jedi: Ewoks/C-3PO $8
Return of the Jedi: Jabba the Hutt/Leia $8
Return of the Jedi: Luke/Vader/Emperor $8
Return of the Jedi: Han Solo/Luke $8

Hamilton Collectible Plate: Darth Vader from the Star Wars Heroes and Villains Plate Collection (No. 2409 C) $12